Sunday, 11 December 2016

Glitter and Be Gay - kinda...

Nope, not the beautiful song from Candide (its a favourite and I'm working on it!), I'm talking about actual glitter. Glitter and sparkles may just be one of my all time favourite things ever. Its a big statement, but I really am a magpie when it comes to anything remotely sparkly.

As you are all probably aware I am a makeup lover and constantly purchasing new items (when I really shouldn't), and glitter isn't the exception.

My most recent purchases include three of the NYX Glitters (copper, rose and blue) as well as the primer/glitter base, and both work so amazingly well together its literally my new winning combination (I used to use eyelash glue to stick my glitter down!)

I always think that if there is ever a time to add some glitter to an outfit/makeup look, its 100% during the festive season. I often alternate between the Urban Decay glitter liners and the Collection glitter liners for a little bit of sparkle during the day, where as my other products such as my Snazaroo Gels and MAC 3D glitters I often save for special occasions/evening wear.

So if you happen to see me throughout the rest of this month feel free to inspect my eyes- as chances are I'll be sporting the glitter!

What are your favourite glitter products?

Beki x


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