Friday, 2 December 2016

Festive Fun // #blankthoughts

As mentioned yesterday, I love December. I love festivities and I always buy into the gimmick. Always.

A couple of days ago I spent £4 on a tiny Baileys latte, and it was totally worth it. We all have things we associate with the Christmas period, and mine is brass, baileys and chocolate. Pretty simple really.

Plymouth's festive market stalls have recently opened in the middle of the town centre and I love to explore them all thoroughly. I managed to have a quick look around at the stalls before college yesterday, and it was really lovely to be able to hear a trio of brass players playing traditional Christmas hymns, alongside the crisp cold air and smell of doughnuts, baileys and Christmas trees. 

The part that struck with me the most, was the little note at the bottom of the Christmas tree stall sign; 'carry to the car service for a donation to charity.' We all know the Christmas is the time of year for giving, but lets all be 100% honest, we all get a little bit excited about the prospect of getting something new.

This company, for example, could have not charged anything for a walk to the car service,  or they could have pocketed the small fee. But instead, they've opted for a donation to charity, which I think is lovely and does have the traditional morals of Christmas behind it.

What do you think? Was/Is this gesture some festive fun or something else?

See you tomorrow!

Beki x


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