Friday, 16 December 2016

All The Boots

Hey everyone!

Today's post is a little one talking about all of my favourite boots I've been reaching for over the past couple of months. The minute the 1st of September rolls around I am instantly reaching for boots and basically refuse to take them off until at least March.

Generally, I've been wearing my black flat Chelsea boots from Ravel the most. To the point that I scuffed them the other day and for a split second considered crying, pathetic, I know. Its only very tiny and nothing a bit of polish won't cover which is another reason why I keep refusing to take them off. I purchased them just before I went London as every other pair of black boots I own have a higher heel and I knew I needed something I could walk in. It was risky given that they were my only pair of shoes for the four days we were away, but they are honestly the comfiest boot I have ever owned, and I am almost tempted to order another pair to keep as spare for when these ones do die of death- again, pathetic, I know.

Next up I need to talk about my Leopard print sock boots from River Island. I purchased these last year completely on a whim and unsure if I would wear them, but I knew I needed them in my wardrobe. Obviously they aren't an everyday boot depending on your clothing/fashion sense, but I adore these pairs with a dress or jeans and a top or a pinafore- the list is endless. My only critique is that the heel feels very blocky when you walk and I do find it occasionally gives me a little discomfort, but apart from that they are a really really good pair of statement boots.

Next up are my Burgundy boots from Asos, and I blame these solely on Victoria from InTheFrow. One of her blog photos consisted of her wearing a tan faux suede skirt, crop knit jumper and some burgundy boots and bag. The second I saw this image I knew I needed the outfit in my wardrobe, and the hunting began. The jumper was pretty easy to get hold of as I was already planning on buying something similar. The skirt has caused me numerous amounts of stress due to *namedrop alert* Missguided sending me black skirts as supposed to the tan one on two occasions- but its alright now and River Island have theirs back in stock and I'm just in between sizes which is a bit awks. My bag I picked up from Ted Baker was a little present to myself during the Black Friday Sales. So lastly were the heels, now I had stalked asos and other high street stores to find the exact pair I was looking for and it took me hours. I didn't want a fancy heal or a sock boot if I'm honest, now I literally cannot sing their praises.

Finally are the blossom boots from Topshop. Mum and I picked these up in London (after a minor drama being sold the wrong size haha) and I have worn them a couple of times since, and adore them. At first I had an inkling that they were going to be painful to walk in, and yes there was a tiny ache but its nothing taking the shoes off won't hurt! I love wearing these with a pinafore dress and turtle neck top.

And they're my favourite boot picks! Are there any others that should be in my collection?

Beki x


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