Saturday, 10 December 2016

A Few Bits in My Bag

'Whats in my bag' videos are generally some of my favourite types of videos to watch on YouTube- mainly as I am a major handbag addict and often watching these videos to fall in love with yet another handbag!

Rather than talking through everything inside my bag- which could take ages given I carry so much,  I'm going to talk through a few of the bits I am constantly carrying around with me.

KT Tape

I study dance and have unreliable knees and bones, this tape saved me in an assessment the other day- and probably will do so again in the future!


I like to take my iPad with me some days when I know I may get a chance to write in my lunch breaks at college or before work, however I am often making the most of the break by eating and more than likely napping, so not much writing gets done!


I carry make-up, hand gel, deodorant and perfume around with me in every single handbag just to be sure that I always have the chance to 'freshen up/ be at ones best'. Again, I study dance, and whilst we all embrace the sweat we sweat, theres nothing nicer than finishing a class and putting on more powder and deodorant.


I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that I always like to have a notebook on me where I can so that I can jot down to-do lists and write- pretty simple really!

College ID, Purse & Bus Pass

Pretty self explanatory, I need all of these things for day to day errands!

Soft Mints

Pretty random, but recently Ive started feeling uncontrollably sick with nerves before my assessments and mints are the only thing that seems to be settling my stomach!

And thats it! If I'm completely honest there wouldn't be much more than this in any of my bags generally, so these specific few bits were the right ones to write about!

What do you keep in your bag?

Beki x


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