Sunday, 18 December 2016

14 Hours in London...

Hey everyone!

Yesterday was a really long day for me, I spent a total of 14 hours (ish) commuting to London for an audition and back again! 

I spent loads of the day on Instagram using stories, mainly as a way to kill boredom I guess, so I thought I would share what I documented and talk you through the day a bit.

5am - Alarm

It was not nice, I really wasn't feeling it but the minute I got to the train station at half past six I suddenly felt a little more with it.

6.30am - Breakfast

A station croissant and the first peppermint tea of the day, yep I know how to have a wild Saturday morning. My train was at 6.55 and there was no hope in hells chance that I was going to miss it!

7.15am - Make up time

It was way too early for me to even consider doing my makeup at home before I left, so I didn't. I really took my time doing it and spent the best part of an hour doing so. My make up never usually takes this long but given that I had no tools to clean up if my eyeliner or eyebrows went wrong it's probably for the best. (And there was only one minor disaster involving a dirty blending brush!)

10.22am - Arrived in Paddington

Oyster Card topped up and oh my goodness it's very cold. Crap. I have an hour or so to kill before needing to go to my audition so I spend my time in Starbucks in Paddington enjoying a cookie and my second peppermint tea. (Wild).

11.10am - Toilet Time

Probably an odd thing to document but as well as having a 'for luck wee', I'm attempting to subtly warm up my voice in the toilets. I've got some high notes to hit and they aren't gonna warm themselves up! (Just a few odd looks...)

11.30am - Commute to East London

I spent an hour on three different tubes. I love the tube- yet another wild sentence, but I really zone out and 'use my thoughts' as it were. 

12.20pm - Arrive at Venue

LET THE QUEUING & WAITING COMMENCE. Three hours to be precise.

3.45pm - Audition time

It went really well and I simply wasnt what they were looking for, no hard feelings!
(if anyone knows a Shirley from Croydon let me know asap!!! I met her yesterday and she was so so lovely and I'd love to keep in touch...)

4.10pm - Back on The Tube Again

Back to Paddington I go whilst talking to my lovely friend Becky and continuing to 'think' on the tube.

5.10pm - Fooooood

The first time I had properly eaten since my croissant and cookies and I opted for Burger King- it was great.

6.00pm - Home Time

My train journey home was an adventure in itself following a drunk falling asleep on me and knocking his cider over! Ah well, could have been worse!

9.20pm - Train back in Plymouth!

Hooray I'm nearly home! And when I eventually got in I typed the rest of this post, took my make-up off and tied my hair up. It was bliss. And now I am very excited to go to bed...

I just want to add in here that even though in reality today would have cost me a fair amount to get up to London to already kind of expect to be told no, I'm really glad I did it as it was a good way for me to realise what I do/dont want to do...

Beki x

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