Monday, 21 November 2016

The Month of October (& November)

October was a funny month for me, I started off on a real positive/motivated mood and then instantly hit a rut. I put this down to always getting ill, and I mean proper flu. Second week of October, it's been a yearly thing since I was 11. To be fair, this year wasn't half as bad as usual, as I actually took precautions this year and started taking tablets religiously about half an hour after I had a brief sneezing fit.

As previously mentioned I was only going to blog here and there in October, then one evening an influx of ideas hit me and I was back on the daily blogging thing, which was great, and I had loads of ideas for Halloween looks and treats, as well as the general content I try to post on here.

The thing is, it's hard to do anything when your head and heart simply isn't feeling it, and that's how I felt in October, not with life or anything specific, I just felt a bit crap the whole month and didn't want to force anything more on myself than I already had done. (We also had a little family incident which I may go into in more detail in a few weeks time if I feel it's necessary...)

Although it wasn't all doom and gloom, as I did get to spend the best part of four days in my favourite city, London. I've got a more personal/in depth blogpost talking about my love of Phantom of The Opera coming up in the next few days, which was possibly the highlight of my trip (but like I said more on that soon!) As well as the shopping (and I mean shopping!!!) it was ultimately lovely just to spend a few days in my favourite city aka my second home.

And that ended October- and the majority of November, as I said, it was a funny month or two for me, nothing exciting happened except the trip to London, and that's all I really have to say.

I don't ever like writing sentences like this, but almost feel as if I have to. I started this blog as a little hobby/diary when I was having a bad day at 16, and it very much still is that for me, just with lots of extra lipsticks! 

See you for monthly blogging in December (and maybe a couple posts between then and now as well!)

Beki x

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