Tuesday, 4 October 2016

My Idol - Whitney Houston

Anyone who knows me knows I love music, 90% its either a soundtrack or cheesy pop. Pretty standard. However, there were many artists growing up and still to this day who have greatly inspired me, one of whom (and probably the main one) was Whitney Houston. I think its pretty safe to say I’m not the only person in the world who feels this way, given how much of an impact she had on the music industry.

When I was a little girl dancing at a disco through school, a birthday party or wedding was always a good moment, and one of the many songs that I had to get up and dance to was ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’, its just so feel good and upbeat; who am I kidding you all know it!

Then when I was 13 and properly starting to ‘develop’ my tastes in music, I put the Greatest Hits album onto my iPod, and everything completely changed. I found myself crying to every single song on that album, whether it was the instrumentals, the lyrics or Whitney’s incredibly beautiful voice, I was sold and instantly in love.

Cut to now, and over the past couple of weeks I’ve naturally been reaching for the album more, and still crying every single time, I don’t know what it is, I just cry. And its not at the obvious ones such as ‘I Will Always Love You’ or ‘I Have Nothing’, recently ‘One Moment in Time’ and ‘I Believe in You and Me’ have really been breaking me, to the point my Mum walked in on my blubbing a couple of nights ago, and all I could say was, ‘its Whitney!’.

Being a soprano with no real belt makes singing these songs slightly more complicated, as I can’t exactly belt those big notes like Whitney, although I can give it a good go! And nonetheless, it wont stop me from singing the songs!

I feel as if I should be able to write more, but I simply cannot put my love into words, and all I really can say is thank you to Whitney, for being one of my many inspirations to sing, as well as also saying it breaks my heart knowing I will never get to see her perform live.

Beki x

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