Sunday, 2 October 2016

Back To Basics

This post is almost a continuation of yesterdays blogpost, except today I talk about the world that Blonde & Blank. (I think that’s the first time I’ve typed it with an ‘&’ rather than ‘and’ – finally I think it looks better!)

I started this little blog two and a half years ago, and I say little blog, because it still is relatively little. I don’t worry about the numbers of views, because I don’t rely on this, but it has been nice over the past two years seeing my blog views organically grow and get the ‘little’ fan base it has. Its even more refreshing to see page views on days where I haven’t posted new content, absolute madness- in a really good way.

The world of blogging is something I want to take seriously, and as I always say I have so many ideas and projects in the pipeline that I really want to make a reality, and in my little head, this blog is allowing me to do so.

I entitled this blogpost Back to Basics because that is exactly what I want to this to be. Basic. Today’s post isn’t me going on about my love of lipstick or lumbering you with another singing cover (not that that happens very often anyway!), its all about me and my laptop. I blog because I want to and daily blogging in September really helped my mental health. When I’ve daily blogged in July in 2014 and 2015, I noticed myself getting unbelievably worked up about the face I was trying to write and found myself not having enough to write about and not knowing where to start. Now, it’s the complete opposite, and I have so many ideas that I don’t know where to end. I didn’t plan on daily blogging in October, as I intended to do 2/3 posts a week throughout to the end of November, ready for loads of exciting festive content throughout the whole of December. However, on Friday finishing my September posts and having nothing scheduled for Saturday or Sunday didn’t feel right, it was almost as if a part of me was missing.  Now, I think I will take each month as it comes, as simply write as much as I can for each month depending on ideas.

If you actively follow this blog you may have noticed part way through this month the theme change again. I am one of those people who will change things constantly until I am happy with something, and this blog is a certain example of it. I have been searching for the right blog theme for me almost since I started the blog, and having tried numerous variations over the years, I am finally happy with the theme I have now. Simple, visually effective and a sprinkle of pink, its exactly what I want.

As well as a theme change, I have also decided to change my upload time, with all scheduled blogposts going live 8am GMT (British Time). It used to be 9am, and it wasn’t until I started university/college last week that I realised that I was sat on the bus ready to talk about a blogpost online that hadn’t gone live yet, so from now on, 8am is the time it will be.

For me, the lack of pressure I put on myself whilst on holiday is what made me write more, and I absolutely love it.

Beki x

(plus there’s something aesthetically pleasing about having a blogpost uploaded every day!)


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