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A Guide to Naked Palettes

A Naked Palette from Urban Decay is on almost any/every make-up lover’s wish list or already in their collection, however when you’re starting out it can be really daunting knowing what palette is ‘right’ for you (of course there is no right or wrong answer, but its good to have an idea of what you want!)

Between my Mum and I we have quite a few variations of the Naked Palettes, so today I thought I would give a brief rundown of the palettes and which ones I personally love.

Naked / Naked 1

Starting with the original naked palette, and in my opinion the best one to give as a gift out of the three. All of the shades are neutral based, meaning they will suit almost any complexion, and like all Urban Decay Eyeshadows, they are incredibly buttery and incredibly pigmented. Containing two matte shades and 10 shimmers, it also teams up as the perfect day to night palette, with my personal favourite shades being Half Baked and Toasted (when my Mum lets me use her palette!).

Naked 2

Now for Naked 2, which for me personally was always the palette I wanted first, but never got first. You see, I prefer cooler toned eyeshadows on my eyes (unless they are brown toned, then warm 100% of the way!), however not fully knowing what these palettes were like, I wanted to classically 'try before I buy'. My mum owns all of the palettes mentioned in this post, and let me have a look and compare the Naked 1 and 2 palettes in order to help me choose which one I wanted all those Christmas' ago. Half Baked, the gorgeous old colour I previously mentioned was what was drawing me to the Naked 1 palette, but I preferred all of the other colours in the Naked 2 palette, aaaahh. It wasn't until I properly compared them that I realised Half Baked was in both palettes, which simply meant I got the best of both worlds with my Naked 2 palette, and it is one of my most used to date. My favourite shades in this palette are YDK, Half Baked and Chopper.

Side by Side comparison of the two palettes.

Half Baked swatches from both Naked Palettes (both exactly the same just less product on left!)

Naked 3

My Naked 3 palette was my first Naked Palette, and is certainly in a worse condition that my Mums which is photographed above, I don't usually worry if a product is a little grubby in pictures, but when all the names of the eyeshadow colours have rubbed off and I've nearly hit pan on a couple of the shadows, this was the better option of the two! Naked 3 is a pink/rose toned eyeshadow, and I personally think its perfect for people who are like me and on the paler side. 8 of the 12 eyeshadows are pink based, with the others being darker colours still with a warm base to help make the eye look 'smokey'. My favourite shades in this palette are Burnout and Nooner.

Naked Smokey

When the Naked Smokey Palette first launched I didn't really get the hype, and I still don't if I am completely honest. Although having seen my Mum use this palette on numerous occasions, I can see why people do love it. I personally feel as if this palette is also the most similar to the original Naked palette, acting like its big sister. The colours again are all neutral so are ideal for all skin tones, and really great for nights out. My favourite shades are High, Armor and Combust.

Naked Basics (Original, 2 & Ultimate)

Now onto the final three, of which my Mum owns the Naked Basics 2. Now, I have NEVER seen the reason to have the basics palettes, mainly as in my opinion surely the colours would be similar to the palette its mirroring of the same name? Don't get me wrong, all of the basics contain great matte shades which are ideal if you only like a simple look on the side, but I just personally feel like each basics palettes should have maybe one Shimmer shade in (but maybe that is why they are basic!). Anyway the Naked Basics (1) palette is made up of two yellow toned pale neutrals, one pink neutral, two browns and black; very simple and will suit anyone. Basics 2 is pictured and contains two neutral-warm yellow & pink toned neutrals, as well as four cool toned browns; again, very simple, but ideal for travel or lovers of a simple eye. Below is it pictured with Naked 2, and I see very little similarities. However in my opinion the best value for money in the Basics range is something I've yet to get my hands on, which is the ultimate basics palette, which I think is a pretty close all matte dupe of the original Naked palette and the Smokey palette. A good combination of colours both warm and cool toned, is ideal for any matte eyeshadow lover, and also a good gift idea.

I hope this guide is useful for anyone looking into Naked Palettes!

Beki x


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