Wednesday, 14 September 2016

YSL Lip Love

This year, I haven’t splurged on Lipsticks as much as previous years, yet this hasn’t stopped me loving them as much as I do.

This year not once, but twice, I have made purchases on YSL lipsticks that I am over the moon with. I know they’re just lipsticks, but I mean can you really blame me?!

I firstly purchased the Rouge Volupte in Number 1 back in March having heard so many good things about the consistency and that it was in fact the perfect nude. Too right. I adore this lipstick. The only way I can describe the colour is a blue toned pink combined with a warm toned pale nude. It is perfect. And sadly, now discontinued. Having been on the market for years, YSL have now discontinued the Volupte line, which lead me to very nearly buying another Number 1 to keep as spare the day this runs out. I can’t sing its praises enough.

Cut to July, I’m in House of Fraser testing every single YSL lipstick, and my eyes are drawn to two colours. Both Volupte Shines, both corally pinks that differed slightly and I used to hate and refuse to wear (and now it seems that every lipstick in my collection is a form of this colour!) Now I knew I could only purchase one, and it was between 43 (the obvious corally pink) and 45 (slightly more red toned). I couldn’t decide. I had also fallen in love with Number 4, which was a true tomato red, however that one wasn’t in stock prior to purchasing. The lady behind the counter couldn’t be more helpful, and just like me she is a self confessed lipstick hoarder (I did laugh when she said just do it and get both!), however Number 45 was out of stock, which is funny, as it the colour I was leaning more towards. IN hindsight, this is probably a good thing, as I find it fairly similar to Number 4 (not that having similar lipsticks has stopped me in the past!)

43 is a lovely watermelon coral, and a colour I love putting on the lips as a dash of something if I am running out the door, or layered on top of matte lipsticks to make a perfect glossy finish.

To conclude, both of these lipsticks are beautiful and lightweight, and the creamy formula glides on the lips like there is no tomorrow.

Do you own any YSL Lipsticks? Or are there any shades I should be looking out for?

Beki x


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