Sunday, 18 September 2016

Top Sop Problems & Update

You know me, I love an update, and today I thought I would talk about my voice when it comes to singing.

I classify myself as a classical-crossover top soprano, simply as I will pretty much sing anything of a 'higher register' variety. I equally love singing/performing musical theatre to pop/'mainstream vocals' to classics and opera. I find myself being diverse useful as for me, I get the best of both worlds singing anything and everything I enjoy, whilst ultimately, my 'dream' is to live from some singing/performing.

You may have read in my life update that I achieved my Grade 8 in Musical Theatre Singing a couple of months ago. I am still completely over the moon with this and I can say I was so in love with my pieces that I performed it was purely enjoyable.

The first piece I performed was 'Tis Done, I am a Bride' from The Yeomen of the Guard, a piece which I won't lie, I hated at first. However, there was something unbelievably satisfying about singing a Top B however many times during a lesson. There was something that I fell in love with during this piece, and I think it was the top notes. This next comment may come across as big headed, but sing song I often got praise from. My singing lessons took place in our school canteen, a huge hall with really good acoustics when projecting properly. Every single time I sung this song a teacher would walk through and listen. It was a weird feeling, especially as this sung isn't a commonly known song, and I think my favourite moment was when I science technician who I've never really spoken too in my years at school stopped to listen to me finish the song and then carried on about her business. Later on in the day I was going to a different part of school where the technician stopped me, asked me my name and complimented the piece. I nearly cried. I was use to the canteen workers hearing me sing and ask questions, given that I saw them nearly everyday anyway, but this technician honestly made my year. 

My second piece was 'Summertime' from Porgy and Bess, a song I sung in the previous year when I took my exam. I adore this piece, it's a classic. I've used this song a couple of times for auditions (although I have now been advised against it!) The high crescendo at the end along with the E4 opening makes it a sopranos dream to sing. I love singing this piece and will continue to do so for a while.

 My third piece I sang was ‘Can’t Help Loving That Man’ from Showboat. Honestly, this was probably my least favourite piece to perform, but I really did enjoy it. A fun song and something that was a little different than normal for me to sing.

My final piece was ‘I’d Give My Life for You’ from Miss Saigon. This is one of my all time favourite shows anyway, and Kim is a role I will only ever dream of playing. To get to do this for my Grade 8 terrified me, as I’m not a natural belter (if at all), but I absolutely loved feeling and exploring Kim’s raw emotions, and I would love the opportunity to play similar roles in the future.

So that concludes my 4 pieces for my Grade 8, and I am honestly so over the moon with my results I couldn’t ever fully put it into words.

I don’t know where my voice will take me in the future, there are days where I enjoy singing more mainstream and others where I’m all about the operatic top notes. I like the mix, its what keeps me interested in singing, and I am interested to see what happens next…

Beki x


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