Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Week Without Wifi

My Mum and I recently moved house, which has meant that we have yet to have Wifi installed. I know. Crisis. Its making the workload for blogging in September 10x as hard- as the majority of posts I am writing on my phone and uploading via my 3G (not ideal!).

Fortunately, my Nan does only live down the road, and when I am really desperate for Wifi I just run down there- it also means I get to see her and her adorable Chihuahua which is a win win really.

As well as this, whilst in Malaga, I established that the Wifi only really wanted to work when I was in the lobby, and occasionally in our room or by the pool. My phone didn’t work whilst I was away for some unknown reason (I have a package that didn’t work!! Just another reason why I don’t love technology!), which meant that I was ‘relying’ on the Wifi as the little communication I had with the outside world. Mad.

I’m the first to admit, I will spend absolutely ages sitting on my phone scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter- a habit I am desperately trying to cut down. Yet I do see using social media as an advantage, because in complete honesty, I speak to the majority of people I do talk to through Facebook and Twitter, as well as stalking celebrities and sadly keeping up with the news. A while ago I deleted the BBC News app on my phone, because truthfully I didn’t like seeing consistent notifications about the traumas happening across the world. Twitter is my best friend when it comes to current news.

I feel ashamed to say that having Wifi in my life is a lifeline. But in hindsight it really is. Not only do I rely on it to stalk/keep in contact with people I know, I use it to communicate with business’ and other opportunities as a way of ‘promoting’ myself/building a name for myself. I mean without the internet you wouldn’t be reading this post right now. Without the internet I would not have managed to complete numerous essays for my A Levels (and before someone makes a comment about text books- given that both of my teachers didn’t know the answer to my question(s) it was kind of vital that I needed it.

It was quite nice not having it for the majority of each day whilst we were abroad though- as it meant I could solely focus my time on getting my thoughts together, and putting pen to paper (or iPad) for anything that I wanted to write down and remember.

It got me thinking, we as a generation are so reliant on Wifi- its kind of scary.

Beki x

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