Friday, 30 September 2016

September Favourites

Waaaaaah it’s the end of September already and I can’t quite believe it! So I thought I would share with you my favourite products and discoveries of the month!

Chanel No. 5

Not a new discovery, but simply an ongoing favourite. I adore this scent so so much and I don’t think I will ever hate it. I’ve yet to smell the new version of the scent, mainly in fear of preferring it to the original…

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I’m approximately three quarters of the way through this book, but I urge any creative thinker to read it. I think anyone who is naturally creative or works within creativity often has a lack of trust or instinct in their ideas, a lot of the time due to doubting whether an idea is possible or good. This book helps you understand you mind as well as others in a non ‘painful’ way, as well as making you simply think about things in a different way. I cannot recommend it enough.

MAC Soft and Gentle Highlighter

Again, another old product but still a favourite. This is my go to highlighter and probably always will be. For me, it’s the perfect combination of gold and champagne without being too yellowy or white. I like the fact that the powder is so finely milled so the glitter doesn’t transfer onto my face with 3D specs of glitter. I just love it!

NYX HD Photogenic Finishing Powder

I picked up this powder following a recommendation as well as wanting to try a loose translucent powder. Ever since we (Plymouth) got a NYX counter I have literally been obsessed, so it only felt natural for me to get the powder from here. Getting this powder and using it to set my make-up was the step I was missing or needed. It is so finely milled it literally makes my skin look 'finished' as soon as it is applied. My skin has changed recently and getting it just hasn’t been allowing me to do my make-up how I want it, and this powder really helps me get my make-up where I want it (for now!).

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

This product has 100% been my main obsession of the month. Whilst I was put off by the incredibly rude counter lady who informed me that 0.5 was the wrong shade for my skin and insisted I purchased a different shade (fyi its perfect and I couldn’t go any darker) it hasn’t put me off all. High coverage, long lasting and flawless, this has worked wonders on my skin. My skin has broken out terribly recently, and I was having to use an awful lot of concealer to cover it up and it just wasn’t looking great. Whilst my skin is clearing up now, I found that this foundation is so long lasting and settles in my skin so nicely. Teamed with two of my other all time favourites from Urban Decay (Naked Skin Concealer and All Nighter Setting Spray) it is a winning combination on my skin. Plus, its waterproof, which is ideal for the amount of dancing and sweating I do!

MAC Relentlessly Red

After a trip to MAC to pick up a lipstick for my friend’s birthday, I couldn’t help but pick up a lipstick for myself! I’ve wanted both Relentlessly Red and All Fired Up for absolutely ages, however I decided to be good and only pick up one. However, I have always been sceptical of the Retro Matte formula, as I find Ruby Woo way too drying on me, so after months (and I mean months) of debating I bit the bullet and bought Relentlessly Red. The only way I can describe this colour is a bright orange/parrot red. Its beautiful and I have

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer Colour Corrector (Green)

Lastly but not least, the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer Colour Corrector in Green was very nearly in a hated product review. I purchased this just as my skin went really bad as a way to work on counteracting the redness (I can cope with seeing the spots on my skin, but being as pale as I am redness always looks even worse!). At first, I couldn’t get this to work at all, I found it didn’t blend very well both before my foundation and after; (I used a stippling brush as advised by the same counter lady as the foundation!) and it was just making me have green patches all around my face- not a good look. So I left it for a week and went back to it one day when I had time to start my make-up again if needed, and I loved it. I applied it to my skin prior to foundation using my Real Techniques sponge and it worked so much better, as I was able to layer my foundation with both a buffer brush and sponge whilst also counteracting the redness. I will say that its still an idea to apply normal concealer on top of the foundation, especially if you’re on the paler side as it is so pigmented that it can slightly show through. The formula is slightly thicker and more gel like compared to the regular Naked Skin Concealer, however it has saved my skin of redness and I am very very happy.

What have you been loving this month?

Beki x



  1. I've been really loving your blog lately!
    That book seems interesting I might have to pick myself up a copy to read.

    All the best
    - Megan /

    1. Aww thank you Megan! I'd definitely recommend it for anyone creative or not just to look at things differently!


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