Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Sephora Loving

Whilst staying in Malaga my Mum and I took a little day trip to the La CaƱada Shopping Centre (which is nearer to Marbella than Malaga!).

I had had a google before going on holiday to see if there what shops were near where we were staying, which was very few apart from gorgeous little market stalls. We asked our hotel reception about Malaga town centre, and we were advised that Marbella was closer in a taxi!

So on a cloudier day, we took a little trip to the shopping centre, and it was gorgeous. Filled with shops close to home it was another girly day my Mum and I needed. Whilst googling in our hotel room, I saw it said the centre had a Sephora, and I was sold. 

Neither my Mum or I had ever been in a Sephora before, however I had ordered online earlier in the year when I wanted to treat myself to two liquid lipsticks. (no surprise there). I was hoping for an Anastasia Beverly Hills Stand as I wanted to look at Highlighters and Liquid Lipsticks (again no surprise.) but there was no stand. Sad times.

However, there was a Kat Von D stand and a Nars stand, and these were the two I was most excited about. I know you can get Nars in the UK but my nearest counter is two hours away, and I will rarely buy a product online without looking at it in person. Asides from the Sephora own brand, each other brand in the Marbella store was somehow accessible in the UK.

First stop, Kat Von D, earlier in the year I got my hands on the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Nosferatu when I placed my order earlier in the year and fell in love with the formula. Seeing the stand made me want another lip colour. I picked up Beloved, which is a neon watermelon pink colour gorgeous for a sunny day. I’ll be honest, I thought it was a bit more neutral when I purchased it, but I love it none the less, and really wish I picked up more colours, as I love them so so much!

The other item I picked up was the Nars Dual-Intensity eyeshadow in Callisto, a product I have wanted for like 18 months since I first swatched it alongside the eyeshadow in Dionne in the Space NK opposite Harrods in London. Cut to every other trip I’ve made to London since and I’ve either wanted to try a different product or they have been out of stock. Both at the same time. I’m now really wishing I picked up Dionne as well whilst away, as I think its the perfect ‘dirty gold’ colour, and I haven’t really seen anything like it else where. However, I chose Callisto which is a stunning Platinum/Silver with teeny tiny lilac or blue hues running through. I have to be careful with silver shadows usually and I find them a little drag like on my skin tone and eyeshade & shape, but this is beautiful lightly dusted over the lid or placed over the inner corner. The consistency of the eyeshadow is buttery in a lovely way and is super long-lasting.

I couldn’t recommend these two products enough and definitely will be getting my hands on more in the future!

Have you got any Sephora must haves I need to get my hands on?

Beki x


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