Thursday, 15 September 2016

Presence of Crystals // #blankthoughts

From a young age, I’ve always had an interest in crystals and their potential healing abilities. I saw the crystals similarly to how Jack saw those magic beans when he swapped his cow in the fairy tale- except I didn’t get a beanstalk out of it.

But what I did get was a new sense or thought. As I grew older I learnt a little bit more about crystals and that each crystal has multiple meanings regarding emotions, physical health and ‘spiritual awareness’. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago a lady in a little shop in Looe where I frequently purchased my stones informed me that we are often attracted to specific stones at the time of collecting as that was the strength or power we needed the most at that given moment.

Take my piece of Amethyst which was one of the first stones I selected when I was four or five, Amethyst is known as a meditative and calming stone whilst also used to protect its owner. When I first learnt that this was its powers were often to help illuminate stress and anxiety from its owner, it made me wonder, did I know I would need this in the upcoming future? I suffered lots of stress aged 10/11 which I won’t go into now, however I often found myself carrying this little crystal around with me in Primary School as a little ‘good luck’ charm. I don’t know if it worked back then. 
I calmed down and things settled, but my personal life has always been, well, lets just say exciting, however for a few years some of my collection disappeared and I am still not 100% sure as to where they are. Coincidence that I often joke about my non-existent and failing life plan? Probably not. But I’ll let the little part of my brain that believes this to continue to think this for now, its easier than over thinking.

I’ve also got into a little habit with these crystals, as without fail every audition I have attended I have taken my little pieces of Amethyst and Citrine with me to keep me calm and bring luck. If we go off of my facts that I have technically failed every audition I have ever attended, these stones are clearly not working, yet I refuse to not take them with me, just in case my luck does change. 

There are days where I think about looking into what stones I purchased and seeing if I could link it to certain events within my life, but for now I have decided against it. I am a lover of reflecting of the past and truly believe that if it felt right at that given moment then there can’t be any regrets in later life. It felt right to carry around all these crystals, and whether they work or not, I’m not letting go of my magic beans yet.

Beki x


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