Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Pale Girl Problems

I'm sure many of you reading this are aware of how pale I am, and I mean how pale I am!

The other day I was purchasing a new foundation (which I now love by the way) from a counter. Now knowing how fair I am made me automatically pick up the two lightest shades and swatch them on my hands. The second shade (number 1) for reference was a good match for me, however the lighter shade (0.5) had more neutral/yellow undertones in, which is what I prefer to wear. Any other foundation after 1 would have been orange on my skin. Fact.

I asked if I could purchase this, too which she offered me a free colour match service, I declined. I had ten minutes to get to work as well as this not being the first time I had watched these foundations on my hand, I knew this colour was right for me. She then went on to tell me how all of the colours and formulas had changed, and that 0.5 was very very pale, as well as reminding me that if I purchase  the wrong colour it can't be returned or exchanged. I explained to her that I still had a bit of a tan, as well as preferring paler foundations and warming up my skin with bronzer and powder. After a tongue tied session, she eventually gave in and allowed me to purchase the foundation, and made me feel as if I was in the wrong for asking for the skin tone correct to my face. 

I will be doing a review of this foundation in the next couple of weeks, but just for reference, the colour is perfect on my skin tone with or without powder!

This incident got me thinking about all the times being very pale has lead me into a spot of bother, and I thought I would share my favourites with you...


Oh. My. Goodness. Nude tights are orange on us pale folk. That's all I'm saying here...


There are days where I can't be bothered to wear make-up, and you can guarantee that every single person will ask me if I am feeling okay, because, 'I'm looking a little pale'...


I am aware that the sand on the beach has more colour than my legs. However, if I spend longer than 5 minutes in the sun without factor 50 I go very very red!


Brands are better now than they used to be, but it pains me to think of the times I have left home with an orange face because the pale foundation wasn't very pale at all.


I've learnt to embrace this now. I have a green colour corrector for the days the redness is of the scale bad, but everything else is now just a natural rosy tint- whether it be from exercise or embarrassment. 


And finally for now, almost everyone who sees the colour of the powder I use as a bronzer laughs. Usually its because its a perfect tone of their natural 'pale' skin tone. But you try and find a bronzer that isn't muddy or too brown for very white skin!

I hope you enjoyed- let me know if you've experienced any funny moments involving your pale skin?

Beki x


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