Friday, 23 September 2016

NYX Love

As well as the Nyx Liquid Lingerie Lipsticks, I have also picked up quite a few more products from NYX, so I thought I would explain my purchases…

Starting with the brow gel, its pretty self explanatory. Sometimes I like a strong brow and other days I don’t, this is perfect for when I don’t. A rich formula that is highly pigmented, its everything you need in a brow gel. I use the shade brunette for reference.

Next we have the vivid brights eyeliners, which were the enabling purchase that I didn’t think I would be making in store. I instantly picked up the blue and red eyeliners, as it was the intensity that was calling out to me. Then I saw the lilac shade, and given that lilac is one of my favourite colours it was inevitable that I would go back and get this eyeliner. (it just so happened to be that I went and got it half an hour later than when I purchased the other two…) I love the formula of these eyeliners, they are really long lasting, and whilst I usually prefer to use a pen-applicator-style for eyeliner, these were/are really easy to use.

Finally, the jumbo eye pencils, of which I picked up all five at once. I got excited and panicked. There are still a few more shades I’d like, but I am pretty settled and happy with my purchases for now. Left – Right photographed I picked up Milk, Lavender, Strawberry Milk, rocky Mountain Green and Cobalt. These are all colours I thought would be useful to have as base shadow colours- especially as I love bold colour on the eyes! On their own I find that they aren’t too long lasting on my eye lids, however, I do have oily eyes and tried them without a primer. The colour faded very fast, yet when I used them as a base for my eye shadow they worked wonders (specifically strawberry milk for almost any colour on the Naked 3 palette!) I’m not going too let the formula let me down though, as previously said I look forward to getting more shades to play with!

Since taking the pictures for this post, I’ve picked up some more products which I will be featuring in a couple of other posts coming soon.

Are there any other products I should try from NYX?

Beki x


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