Monday, 26 September 2016

My Hate For Strapless Bras

Ever since my little bee stings popped out a couple (few) years ago I have developed a hate for strapless bras, and I mean a hate. It was almost a psychological decision that before I had to wear one for the first time that I wouldn’t like it, it honestly just does nothing for me.

I often find myself feeling like I am suffocating when I am wearing one, and not to mention the less of a ‘lift’ I almost miss if I’m not wearing a bra with straps. Its funny, as I am perfectly comfortable wearing a non wired bra, or a cotton bra, or even a bra, because it has straps. The minute it is strapless I feel like a rounded potato with boobs touching the floor.

I mean, they aren’t exactly the most flattering or pretty of things? I currently own two strapless bras, one nude that is heavily structures, and one cream with a little bit of lace. Both from Wonderbra, and both completely different sizes, bought within a year of each other. I purchased my nude strapless bra when I was in Year 11 for prom, at the time, my boobs were literally growing on a weekly basis, and from January to March my boobs had gone from 30B to 30DD and were still growing, by prom, I was a 30E, yet every single bra I tried on killed me.

It had taken me years to feel comfortable with having ‘small’ boobs, as I was literally the flat chested friend for years, and then suddenly these two little lumps of fat (lets be honest that’s all they really are) that made me feel womanly were instantly being shoved down. I don’t know what size bra I went for in the end, I literally took every single one I could grad my hands on and took them into the changing rooms until I felt comfortable; it was probably the wrong size, but I honestly didn’t care. Luckily for me, I didn’t realise how ‘helpful’ the corset on my prom dress would be, and my boobs were as apparent as I wanted them (without being all boob and no dress!) at prom.

A year later I needed a strapless bra to go with my dress for a wedding, but I knew that my boobs had shrunk at this point, following being on antibiotics for allergic reactions and shingles for the best part of 4 months consecutively, I had lost around half a stone slowly. I would say my boobs were now anywhere between a 32B and 32C, and were clearly too small for this other bra. I also knew that this bra I had worn the previous year was very structured, and would be seen over the dress. My mum picked up this cream the structured bra that made do for the wedding, but it wasn’t comfortable at all.

I still own and wear the second bra when I need too. My boobs are back at 32D and whenever I have the chance to avoid a strapless bra, I will. I refused to take my strapless bra on holiday with me, even though a good 60% of my outfits would rely on a bra to ‘work’. Nope. I think my poor Mum thought I was going through a bit of a crisis, I literally lived in nipple covers the whole week. I only wore a ‘proper’ bra the day we went shopping in Marbella. I was in a love/hate relationship with bras by the end of the week, whilst I don’t find them overly uncomfortable, I do find that I’m not as restricted when I am not wearing one. (although witnessing my nipple cover fall to the floor in the middle of a Spanish market wasn’t exactly ideal!!!)  

So, to conclude todays little blogpost/rant about strapless bras, I simply hate them. Whilst I don’t see myself jumping on the ‘no bras ever again’ bandwagon anytime soon, I certainly wont be wearing a strapless bra either (which is also a little tricky since almost every top in fashion at the moment is Bardot or too thin for a bra strap!)

Beki x

P.S. Any fashion designers out there?! Design a comfortable and flattering strapless bra- I guarantee people will buy it!


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