Saturday, 24 September 2016

My Current Favourite Internet Babes ♡

If there’s one thing I always bang on about the world needing more is positivity. Specifically, between each other and on the internet. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve written numerous posts regarding positivity and feeling good about yourself.

Now, whilst this is something I strongly feel, I can’t fully take responsibility for the positive thoughts. I may have written all the words myself (and will continue to do so), but, I need the positivity and motivation to do so.

I’m guessing like many of you reading this post, I follow so many bloggers across different platforms such as YouTube and Instagram that in todays post I thought I would share with you ‘my current go to babes on the internet’ for a couple of reasons. Firstly, so if you’re not following them already (which you probably are because they are all so amazing and down to earth its incredibly reassuring.) and secondly, just as a little thank you on my part. (warning, soppy paragraphs begin now!)


Starting off with Em, who’s was my most recent of discoveries earlier in the summer. Her Instagram profile would often pop up on my feed and I would always be envious (in a good way) of the beautiful pictures she used both there and on her blog. I also want to really scream at how amazing her blog is, given that she has managed to build such a beautiful platform for herself whilst studying throughout college and her degree. I try and fail at this regularly! I also really love Em’s honesty, and that she isn’t afraid to talker about her bad personal experiences on her blog, and that’s something I really admire. ♡


Next up we have Freddy; who’s YouTube channel I believe I started following around March/April last year. I partially believe its Freddy’s love for pink that got me back on the girly pink trend that I loved as a little girl last year- I’m still obsessed now! One thing I have always loved about Freddy since I have followed her is her consistency and honesty. She isn’t afraid of being true to herself and certainly doesn’t follow trends because others are following them (in a good way!). Girly, Chic and Feminine, Freddy is the epitome of everything ladylike in my opinion, and someone who I will continue to follow will so much love. (Plus she went to stage school and I am really really jealous of that!)


Anyone in love with High End Fashion is probably already following Victoria on InTheFrow, and quite rightly so. I can’t remember how I initially stumbled across Victoria’s YouTube channel a couple of years ago but I instantly became obsessed with her content, specifically on her blog. I adore the fact that Victoria wasn’t afraid to transition her posts from Beauty and Fashion into Lifestyle topics that are also relevant to the blogging and fashion industry. Her uplifting smile and positive hardworking attitude towards work doesn’t go amiss, and I certainly wont be skipping any posts or videos for a long time.

Victoria’s YouTube Channel:


I know I said that Em was my most recent discovery on the internet, however, I now realise that it was in fact Chessie, who I discovered through Steph (you’ll hear about her next!). I love Chessie’s positivity across her Instagram account. It’s infectious. Passionate about fitness and lifestyle, Chessie’s Instagram posts never fail to put I smile on my face.

@ChessieKingg on Instagram ♡


And lastly, but certainly not least, is Steph, aka Healthy Chef Steph. If you read my Current Favourite post in June you would have seen me warble on about how much I loved her positivity and well, her. That hasn’t changed at all, and if anything I’m even more obsessed now (literally a fan girl really!). If you follow Steph on Instagram you’ll probably see me commenting every once in a while and that’s because Steph is just so real and honest, its unbelievably refreshing to continuously see.

Steph and Chessie recently started a YouTube channel called Two Peas in a Bod –

@HealthyChefSteph on Instagram ♡


So, to conclude, I don’t know if these amazing girlies will ever read this post, and I’m not too worried either way, as this is simply my way of openly saying thank you for encouraging positivity, individuality and hard work online, especially as so many people like to discourage others, and for simply being my current favourite internet babes. 

Beki x


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