Thursday, 22 September 2016

Hourglass or Pear Shape?

Being aware of what body type or shape we have if often crucial in order to feeling more confident in the bodies that we live in.

For me, I often debate my body shape. I’ve always had a smaller waist to the rest of my body, however I actively gain and lose weight around my belly and hips (the majority of the time looking like I am 12 weeks pregnant!). My boobs constantly go up and down in size depending on my weight, and right now they are at my ‘normal’ size, and I am happy.

I’m writing this blogpost for any other girl in a similar position to mine, which is being stuck in between the two body shapes and not knowing where you lie.

Let’s start with the basics, if you have an Hourglass shape body you are evenly proportioned across the boobs and hips with a smaller waist, where as pear shaped body types often carry the weight hips down, and their smaller waists often go ‘unnoticed’ due to slightly smaller boobs. Hourglass figures often emphasise the curves, where as pear shapes try to counteract and balance to create the curves.

Now technically I fall under the pear category, although I wouldn’t say I look pear shape? I have obvious curves that I actively love (and a belly that the majority of the time is full of food and could do with being more toned!)

There was another little reason I wrote this blogpost, which was to once again remember that you are the only person who can fully control you. If you want to eat those churros then enjoy them. If you want to do exercise everyday then do it. You are in total control of your body, and that is the simplicity of it.

I am currently exercising to try and tone my stomach, in order to really define whether I am an hourglass or pear shape? Ultimately I really don’t mind and I am comfortable with how I am currently, but it would be nice to feel 100% in a bikini if needed.

Beki x


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