Friday, 9 September 2016

Girl Power

One thing that I don't think there is enough of on the internet is power.

We commonly see powerful female icons such as models using their Instagram accounts to promote ad campaigns, their 'personal life' and the occasional sponsored post. However we also see the constant negativity and shade that goes alongside a post when people who don't get along with each other comment or make digs about each others lives. (we are all guilty).

Now, anyone who knows me will know I am just a little obsessed with the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. I think they are both naturally gorgeous and it kills me a little every time I see a picture of them that I look nothing like them.

However much I idolise them, I also have a little sense of realism within me. I know I will never look like these girls. I'm 5ft 6 and anywhere between a size UK 10 to 12 in clothing. I'm a natural pear shape/hour glass, with any weight I gain automatically landing in my stomach and hips area, and not to mention, I don't exercise half as much as I should do. 

I frequently see posts online of people wanting to be these people (and I am guilt for this!), and it does upset me when I see girls desperately try to look like these high profile models, singers, actress' etc. This is a part of why social media scares me. 

Whether girls/guys are adhering towards eating disorders by starving themselves (or similar) in order to physically look like these girls. Or more frighteningly, the use of photoshop consistently allowing both themselves and the people viewing the posts that they look a specific way- now it might just be me that thinks this, but surely its not healthy?

I'm personally not suggesting that these high profile figures over edit their photos, we all are guilty of using a good filter every so often, yet as a generation do we want to familiarise ourselves with the people who have the perfect lives on social media and what we see through TV, or are we doing it to simply kid ourselves of reality? I also believe we are all guilty of picking and choosing what we post on social media so people can see how we live our lives (or just the good bits.)

We are us for a reason. 

Learning to love yourself or channel your insecurities is something you may never overcome, for me, I look at the parts of me I don't like (my spotty skin,lacklustre cheekbones, untoned tummy and rounded shoulder being just a few things) and I think, how I can I change this? Unfortunately, no amount of Instagram stalking is going to make me physically change the way I look. 

'Channeling Your Insecurities' is something I try to live by. If you can't change something you don't like, or you are working towards it, embrace what you don't love until it changes. It may sound horrible or hard, and I'm not going to lie it is, but by taking simple baby steps you will soon learn that no one really worries about your insecurities, nor do they notice them. For example, I never used to feel comfortable leaving the house without make-up. I still don't fully. But I now know that whoever sees my spotty skin probably won't be thinking about it, and would have forgotten all about it by the time I get home.

So to conclude. I want to see more Girl Power, and Guy Power, and frankly Power. I want to see honesty and Power shine across the internet, and people of all ages, races, sizes not matter how famous they are or aren't declaring that they love themselves and they love everyone around them.


Beki x

(P.S. I still love Kendall and Gigi, I just need to also love me <3)


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