Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Get Me Back To London

Anyone who knows me knows that London is where I want to be. I first visited when I was five and fell in love with the city at that moment. Of course, the profession I want to do plays a part and I almost need to be up there (or as close as) in order to do so.

However recently I have been finding myself wanting to be in London more and more. Some people I know once got ‘angry’ (I say angry, they were stating their opinion in a very direct and angry way towards me) at me for wanting to leave Plymouth. ‘You don’t know how lucky you are to live in such a beautiful place.’ ‘You take this for granted.’ Far from it. I am fully aware of how beautiful Plymouth is, and it will always be my home, but it really isn’t for me.

Over the past month I have found myself unintentionally looking at flats in London. I definitely can’t afford to leave home let alone Plymouth at the moment, and my dance degree/course is in Plymouth. But I just can’t help but keep looking, ready for the day where I can just leave.

I ALWAYS feel more inspired, calm and together when I am in London, and almost like I have a purpose. Not a new purpose, but a re-vamped or upgraded version of me. I’m currently in the process of trying to ‘put myself out there’ as it were by working on numerous little projects that I have dreamt of accomplishing for years. I feel like my inspiration/motivation levels are at 50/50, my mojo to write on this blog has been the highest its been for years, and I am loving it. Everything else has taken a backseat, but its helping me work out and get my head across what I really want.

I really hope I can get to London soon, for whatever the reason, so I can clear my head and find my ‘purpose’ again.

Beki x


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