Sunday, 25 September 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Love

Charlotte Tilbury is rapidly becoming one of my favourite make-up brands, and throughout the course of this year my collection has grown.

I started off by purchasing my Magic Foundation towards the beginning of the year, and instantly fell in love. I love the medium to full buildable coverage this foundation offers and the way it sits on my skin, especially after as its been left for half an hour or so. You can read more about this foundation in a post I did here.

Next up was picking up the Matte Revolution Lipstick in Lost Cherry around Easter time. Lost Cherry is a gorgeous red toned coral colour that I personally think will suit all skin tones. This lipstick purchase came about from no where, I was looking for a nude lip colour around the Nars counter in Space NK Knightsbridge, I dragged my step sister at the time into Harrods and low and behold I swatched this on my hand and fell in love. I waited until I got to the Covent Garden store to confirm my purchase, but again, I knew it was a love at first swatch situation. There are lots of mixed reviews online about the longevity and formula of the lipsticks, I personally don’t find them too matte, and worn with a lip liner they are typically long lasting.

Then a couple of weeks after my birthday in June, I waited for the Hot Lips collection to launch so I could get my hands on some of the Hot Lips range, specifically Kim KW. I find finding products for my skin tone unbelievably difficult at times, so I will often swatch a product frantically before purchasing to be sure it matches or suits me, so choosing to put this lipstick in my basket without seeing swatches in real life was a risky move, but I adore it. A pale peachy/pink nude with a little bit of beige to seem ‘natural’, I literally can’t ask for a better nude.

At this point I also picked up the Colour Chameleon in Bronzed Garnet, which is designed to enhance green eyes. The only way I can describe my eye colour is a bright-grey toned duck egg blue. There are days where they look grey (in a good way), days where they look blue and days where they look green. I went for the red based pencil for two reasons, the first and main reason being I often wear red/warm toned shadows and thought this would be a good base, and secondly, I thought it would help enhance the blue (which is the main colour) of my eyes. I adore this pencil (so much so I couldn’t find what make-up bag I left it in prior to taking photos for this post!) and cannot wait to get my hands on more colours in the future. (I’m really hoping Charlotte releases another set of the colours for Christmas!)

The final product I picked up was the The Vintage Vamp eye shadow palette. Originally, I was going to get The Dolce Vita, which I think is one of the most hyped and popular Charlotte Tilbury products in the blogging and online world. However, looking at the shades I felt I would get more wear out of The Vintage Vamp, which contains two red based colours, a beautiful shimmering pale pink shade and a glittery gold perfect for inner corner highlight. These shadows are so pigmented and long lasting I simply cannot rave enough! I find that the gold shade is hardest to work with, but have found that getting my eye shadow brush a little bit wet with setting spray prior to using helps pick up the colour on my brush and transfer it to my eye. Combining these shadows with my Colour Chameleon literally makes them last and stay in place for hours, and even though the pencil is a red shade, I tend to wear the pink shade all over the lid on top of this, and it works incredibly well. I also think that one of these palettes would make the perfect Christmas present for any make-up lover.

Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury products? Are there any others I should get my hands on?

Beki x


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