Sunday, 11 September 2016

Becoming More Lifestyle

If you have noticed, this month I have been blogging more (hurrah!), with an aray of posts, the majority of which all leaning towards the lifestyle back. This is for a good reason. 

After a number of months thinking, I have decided to make this blog preliminarily lifestyle based. I love make-up, I love singing, however I always find I have the most to say when it is personal.

This doesn't mean I won't be writing about make-up ever again, if anything, its giving me more freedom to write absolutely anything.

Typically, make-up posts can take me hours to write, I love make-up, I love how it can give someone confidence over something they don't like, I like the fact it can change or enhance little things about ourselves. But I don't want to write about lipsticks every single day. I find it boring. I'm not a make-up artist who is constantly looking out for new pieces and finding products that are perfect for X, Y or Z. I'm a 19 year old girl who already has a make-up collection that is probably far larger than needed. I have one very pale face, and that will never change.

I try to record singing covers. I really do. But I am my own worst enemy when it comes to covers and often record things and then don't hit publish as I am not happy with the final product, and I pride myself in saying that I have always been the kind of person to never put my name to something unless I am happy with it at the time it is put out. 

In the future, I want my career to be involved within my singing, as well as writing and numerous other projects. This blog will always be a reflection of me, and I don't plan on changing it. I want to keep little corner of the internet is my place to write what I want to without major judgement.

So, to conclude, the same Blonde & Blank, the same Beki writing it, its now just lifestyle with a few high notes and lipsticks thrown in.

Beki x


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