Tuesday, 6 September 2016

19 Things in 19 Years // #blankthoughts

A couple of months ago I turned 19, and I feel that turning 19 was a ‘positive’ point for me. I’ve had a new outlook on how I see my life since my birthday, and I put it down to shortly before my 19th writing down every ‘life lesson’ I have learnt so far and frequently think back to.

Here are 19 things in 19 years.

‘Being Yourself Is Completely Fine’
Individuality is what makes you you. Seek inspiration from others whilst staying true to yourself.

‘You Will Never Please Everyone’
Nor will you aggravate/anger everyone. Stay honest, true and away from unnecessary drama. You don’t need it.

‘Cry When You Need to Cry’
The minute you let out all of your anger, upset or happiness through tears, you will start to feel like you again.

‘You Only Get One Chance’
Make the most of every opportunity, it may never happen again.

‘Forgive and Forget’
I struggle with this, but you only hurt yourself more when you don’t move on.

‘It Is Never Too Late to Follow Your Heart’
Whether you want to write a book, sell out arenas or simply visit the London Eye, follow your heart and enjoy the experiences.

‘Nutella & Friendship Cure Heartache’
Break-ups. Grief. Friendships. Grab some spoons and let it all out.

‘As Much as I Loved Having Ginger Hair, I’m Going to Stay Blonde’
Its okay to cringe looking back at previous style decisions we made, but don’t be disheartened, as they help shape us into who we are at present.

‘You Don’t Need to Give in to Peer Pressure’
No amount of Sex, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Drugs or ‘adventure’ makes you a better teen. You are you for a reason, and you make the decisions about how you live your life.

‘There Is Nothing Wrong with Being Ambitious’
Within Education Teachers encourage us to aim for the best, but are equally okay with belittling if they haven’t seen a side to you, passion or talent that will match you for a career. People surrounding will always call the people who want to focus on their studies a ‘geek’ or a ‘nerd’. Work for what you want.

‘Jealousy is a Trait You Can Learn to Overcome’
Work to help yourself find what you ‘hate’ in others to love in yourself.

‘Spending Time Alone to find Yourself is Completely Acceptable’
You may be the boring friend that doesn’t go out, but honestly, no one really cares.

‘If You Have Nothing Nice to Say, Say Nothing at All’
Pretty Simple Really.

‘When You Find Mr/Mrs ‘right now’, you will work for it’
Love isn’t a losing game.

‘Happiness Is the Best Medicine’
Surround yourself with people and aesthetics that make you smile.

‘If You Need to Lie On the Floor and Scream; Scream’
Similar to crying, let out all your emotions, you will thank yourself for it.

‘Everything Takes Time’
Success doesn’t happen overnight.

‘No one will judge you for eating the last slice of cake’
They’re probably jealous that you got it and they didn’t. (good jealous of course.)

‘Don’t Panic About Forgetting to Shave Your Legs’
Or your Armpits. Or Moustache. Or Lady Garden. We all have hair down there. Simple.

I wonder what the 20th will be next year…

Beki x


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