Thursday, 2 June 2016

Current Favourites (June 2016)

I realised I haven't posted a favourites (or general) post in a while, and thats due to a few reasons, however, here are a select things I have been loving recently...(Its only a few things, simply down to the fact if I wrote about them all we'd be here forever- catch up on 'proper favourites' will continue end of June :) )

Liquid Lipsticks

I mean we all know I'm a major lipstick obsessive, but in the past month no more than three new liquid lipsticks have made my collection.
Most recently Red Jade from MACs new limited range, which in my opinion is Relentlessly Red in liquid form, perfect for me, who really can't wear the retro matte lipstick formulas.
Alongside this, I made my first Sephora order a couple of weeks ago and purchased non other than Anastasia Beverly Hills' Milkshake and Kat Von D's Nosferatu, which looks a lot more orange in pictures than in real love- its a true blue red! I am majorly in love with all three formulas and lipsticks, and have been wearing these last two like crazy over the past couple of months.


I really fell in love with Instagram towards the end of last year, and I still really love it. Shameless plug alert, but you should follow me over there ;) I always post about my blog on there, as well as sometimes the occasional short singing video! @BekiBlank_ 

Blankety- MAC

I'm not going to lie, this lipstick purchase definitely wasn't encouraged by my surname...however this really is my perfect cool tone brown nude, and I have been reaching for it any day I haven't wanted to worry with my lips, or paired with a brown eye for a 90s inspired look.


I have been very spendy over the past few months, but with good intention. I've always been a handbag girl, and I purposefully saved my money from my 18th (literally 1 year ago) to treat myself to a 'nice' handbag as a little keepsake. I went to London just after Easter and fell in love with my pride and joy which is my Kate Spade Adrienne. Originally, I fell in love with the little version and then the big version, and then the little again. Undecided I chose to not buy up there, and wait until I got home. After the bag disappeared from the website and a joke order which almost gave me the wrong bag (aargh!) she (she?) arrived. I fell in love with the larger size and the Alice in Wonderland blue front, and it is so different to what I have ever owned and probably will own, I knew it was a keeper. 
Likewise, just a few days ago House of Fraser had a bank holiday sale on, and Michael Kors was included in this, completely impulsive but equally sought after, I've had my eye on this bag for years, and I mean years. I've always believed accessories make an outfit, which is why I happily invest in handbags rather than ones on the high street which can break after a few uses. Savings aside, my tan Selma is gorgeous, and one of few bags in my collection. (Detailed bag post to follow).

JLO Live Fragrance

An oldie but a goldy in my little fragrance loving world. This was one of my first proper perfumes when I was around 8/9, and I can't help but continue to repurchase every time it runs out. Most people I know can't stand it (my Mum included), it's far too fruity for her liking, yet I think that's why I like it so much, as apart from Cherry in The Air, none of my other fragrances are fruit heavy, as floral/wood is my go to.

Healthy Chef Steph

(big paragraph alert, but it's a really genuine love...)
I'm not 100% sure how I stumbled across Steph on Instagram a couple of months ago (@HealthyChefSteph), but now I am obsessed with her. 
To the point that almost everything she tweets or posts I am literally nodding and smiling in a positive, 'yes girl' situation. Not only is she beautiful, she has a gorgeous figure that she has clearly worked hard for, she also has a stunning personality and beautiful following to show for it.
I am by no means a 'health and fitness' person, so all I ever do is watch her work and go, 'Naaaa, not today'- the amount of dance I do in a week is by far enough for me! 
I've recently found myself relating to a few of her more personal posts, especially as it's so very clear that positivity and girl power are two of her main 'preaches', and I really love that. A couple of days ago she posted a body transformation post consisting of three pictures over a couple of years, (linked because it's a good one!!) and whilst I'd give my right arm to look remotely like her in any of the pictures, I really love the fact you can see her smile and confidence grow as time went on. If there's one thing that there isn't enough of online these days it's girl to girl positivity,
Steph if you read this- keep doing what you do because I love it!(if you haven't already guessed...)

And thats all for now, like I said its just a few really quick ones due to limited writing time!

Beki x
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