Monday, 9 May 2016

Flawless Face, Flawless Base

Back when I wasn't as obsessed with make-up as I am now, I never really cared about what base I was wearing- if it matched my skin tone that was good enough for me!

Since then, a dodgy spout of acne, the need to feel 100% flawless all the time and wanting the 'full' look has meant I have been on search for my top base products.

I don't particularly like doing my make-up half heartedly, I'm either wearing make-up or I'm not, its simple.

However of late I've been enjoying making the most of my foundation & concealer, teamed with a little bronze/highlight and brows, its a real win.

If you've read this blog before you'll know MAC Studio Fix was my go to for the best part of 2/3 years. I haven touched it since October, and thats because of the wonder that is Nars Sheer Glow. I use the shade Siberia, which is 100% my perfect shade for foundation, at times perhaps a little light, but I know I can build however many layers I wish and it not go orange or blotchy on me, something which even beloved Studio Fix couldn't do.

My alternative foundation is Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation. I have to admit, when I first bought this I really didn't like it, and was kind of heart broken that I had spent money on a foundation that I couldn't use. I kept persevering and after realising that on my skin personally using a sponge with this foundation literally gives me a lovely even and natural base. I do find it oxidises on me throughout the day very slightly, but not enough to give me a noticeably darker face to the rest of my body. I wear shade 1.

I fell in love with the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer when it first launched, I loved its think consistency alongside its amazing coverage, and once again it overtook my love of the MAC Prolongwear Concealer. All over the internet bloggers had been comparing this concealer with the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer; so when my Urban Decay ran out a couple of weeks ago, I decided to give this a go. I love the colour, its a slightly pinkier tone compared to Siberia, however its not as 'dark' as Mont Blanc. However I think I prefer the consistency of the Urban Decay concealer. Mars certainly isn't thick, I just prefer it!

Any of the above combined with Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess, MAC Soft & Gentle and obviously some brows and I'm good to go this summer!

Beki x


Monday, 2 May 2016

Victor & Rolf / Bon Bon

Just a brief post today, telling you all about my current favourite perfume, that being Bon Bon by Victor & Rolf.

I was lucky enough to get this perfume in the 100ml for Christmas, especially as it was something I had had my eye on for ages. i had sort of decided in my head that I would buy it at duty free if I went away somewhere later this year, however Santa did good ;)

Without fail, I wear this at least once a week. This is a pretty big deal for me, as I stick to scents for situations like you wouldn't believe (more on this in a blogpost coming soon.), I just find its so powerful but equally soft and sweet that it can last all day- but as the perfume obsessive and 'I don't want to smell' obsessive that I am I will always top up my perfume.

With a name like Bon Bon, you expect sweet notes, and they do not disappoint. With a base that mainly consists of Caramel, combined with top notes of Orange, Peach and Blossom, this super sweet scent isn't for the faint hearted and lovely at this time of year.

Too conclude, this beautifully sweet and girly perfume isn't just perfect for this season, but stylish and sophisticated all year round.

What's your current favourite perfume?

Beki x

(P.S. Its now in my top three all time favourites!!!)

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