Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Missing Chanel // #blankthoughts

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, and sometimes waiting for what seems like forever is completely worth it.

If you've read this blog for a while you may remember the time I purchased my first Chanel lip. I really pretty coral pink, a colour that I wouldn't wear often but would equally savour and cherish when I did.

Thus became the perfect lip to wear on my 18th birthday. I put it on before with my best friend around me, and remembered topping it up just as we left the restaurant. However, could I find it when I got home- no I couldn't.

It wasn't some drunken incident which meant I had lost my lipstick, I was practically sober given the ratio of the amount of food I had consumed vs. the amount of wine I had drunk. I just for the life of me couldn't remember where it was.

There were numerous occasions where I have gone to replace this lipstick, and it broke my heart a little. I would umm and argh over it, as I couldn't justify spending that money on a lipstick when I would one day stumble across it.

I genuinely thought I left it in the restaurant, I didn't get it out of my when I got to the pub, yet for some reason I remembered seeing it in my bag in the car on the way.

This was back in June.

Then last week, I was clearing out my room, when I came across my iPad box & bag (the iPad being the gift I got from my Dad) and low and behold, a I could see a little Chanel logo poking out of the top. 

I had found my lost lipstick, after a little cream of happiness and running to my Mum to prove that I hadn't lost it, and then it hit me.

I had put it in the iPad bag to keep it safe from falling out of my over spilling clutch bag, and to also be able to access my keys in my bag without risk of losing them.

Whilst I realise this little story may not interest all of you, and it really is just a lipstick, it helped me realise that sometimes waiting for the things you lose is much nicer than instantly replacing it.

Beki x


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