Monday, 18 April 2016

Sunshine and Showers

Sunshine and Showers

(this post has been in my drafts for a while, waiting for the right moment to post...)

You know in life you find a ‘thing’ (or few) and it sticks with you, this could be a hobby, lifestyle- anything.
Sure, I have my singing, my writing, my lipsticks, but at this moment I’m talking about personality.
Sunshine & Showers is a phrase I first properly heard as a young teen, when my fangirling self-found out and fell in love with ‘The Saturdays’, especially Frankie Sandford (now Bridge), whose Grandma gave her the nickname of Sunshine & Showers.
From that moment on this has stuck with me, and I really think this is a way I would ‘put’ myself. I’m either really happy, or I’m a mess, it’s simple.
There’s so much written online about mental health that helps people (in a good way, in my opinion.) But I feel that more needs to be said, and that the subject shouldn’t be as taboo as it is in today’s culture.
We all have rough days, I have them, really horrible days that make me question what I am really doing and what the future holds. In my experiences, it always seems as if everything happens at once, and there’s never an easy day. Do I get anxious in day-to-day situations? Yes, (but equally I would argue it depends on the atmosphere surrounding that situation.) Would I say I’m depressed or have been? No. A teacher once told me she thought I was, too which a friend of mine replied, ‘No she isn’t, she’s far too upbeat and positive about things.’ Did that make me question something else going on inside of me? A little bit yes. 

But do I think that something else is wrong? Who knows, right now, I’m happy to say that I am Sunshine and Showers, just with a few more rainy days than average.

Beki x

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