Saturday, 30 April 2016

My Current Brow Routine

Brow Products and Foundation are the products that I am constantly looking to change in my make-up collection/routine, as these are things I get bored of the most.

Back in September I had a little wander in Boots looking to find some new goodies when I stumbled across these, the Barry M Brow Wow! eyebrow pencils.

Intrigued, and with a very good price point of £3.99, I picked one up and popped it into my basket, in the shade Light-Medium. A couple of days later, when I had time in the morning to test it and change my brows if I didn't was when I fell in love.

Oh. My. Goodness.

This is a waxy pencil in a ashy/cool tone with a spoolie on the end. Considering many moons ago I was a natural platinum blonde, my eyebrows have always been a little darker. As I have gotten older I noticed my brows got exceptionally darker than my hair (and my roots!). 

I find it unbelievably difficult to find brow products that are my colour. I have ashy/cool-tone brown/(almost grey!)/taupe tone brows, and usually find myself having to warm them up in order to get a good product match.

Theres something about brow pencils I prefer over powder, I like the control of a pencil like I am 'drawing' my brows on, where as powders always end up being a very blocked shape (on me.) The waxy/pencil consistency is perfect in my option to creating natural and full looking brows. I'm fairly blessed that one of my eyebrows isn't as sparse as the other one, and I like the natural shape that I follow.

Pictured above are both shades of the product, day-to-day I will use the shade Light-Medium, however depending on how bad my roots are and how strong I want my brow, I will also brush through a little of the darker pencil. I love the fact that I am use this pencil really lightly for a little natural definition, or it can be used to help create a stronger brow. I also use a clear mascara from Collection- I love the consistency and this sets my brows exactly how I want them.

I would say that this product is probably best designed for people who have a few more hairs in the brow department to use this to define rather than create- as the formula sits nicely over hairs and doesn't flatten the natural texture and blends so nicely. I can imagine that if people used this straight on its own, it could look incredibly drawn on and false.I would compare this product to a previous brow product I used earlier in the year for a couple of weeks, which is the Anastasia Brow Wiz, however my main problem with this was the brow colour being too light and too warm- I much prefer the colour of my Barry M Brow Wow!

I have two minor floors with this product- it runs out so quickly! I can get it to last me 1 month approximately and I am grateful that it is so affordable and easy to get hold of, as else I think I might cry a little. One more general floor is the colours, whilst I'm singing its praises for the cool-brown-tone-haired brow people of this planet, anyone with lighter brows than my own simply couldn't use these products, it really would be too dark.

To put it simply, I don't plan on changing my brow routine anytime soon...

Beki xx


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