Saturday, 30 April 2016

My Current Brow Routine

Brow Products and Foundation are the products that I am constantly looking to change in my make-up collection/routine, as these are things I get bored of the most.

Back in September I had a little wander in Boots looking to find some new goodies when I stumbled across these, the Barry M Brow Wow! eyebrow pencils.

Intrigued, and with a very good price point of £3.99, I picked one up and popped it into my basket, in the shade Light-Medium. A couple of days later, when I had time in the morning to test it and change my brows if I didn't was when I fell in love.

Oh. My. Goodness.

This is a waxy pencil in a ashy/cool tone with a spoolie on the end. Considering many moons ago I was a natural platinum blonde, my eyebrows have always been a little darker. As I have gotten older I noticed my brows got exceptionally darker than my hair (and my roots!). 

I find it unbelievably difficult to find brow products that are my colour. I have ashy/cool-tone brown/(almost grey!)/taupe tone brows, and usually find myself having to warm them up in order to get a good product match.

Theres something about brow pencils I prefer over powder, I like the control of a pencil like I am 'drawing' my brows on, where as powders always end up being a very blocked shape (on me.) The waxy/pencil consistency is perfect in my option to creating natural and full looking brows. I'm fairly blessed that one of my eyebrows isn't as sparse as the other one, and I like the natural shape that I follow.

Pictured above are both shades of the product, day-to-day I will use the shade Light-Medium, however depending on how bad my roots are and how strong I want my brow, I will also brush through a little of the darker pencil. I love the fact that I am use this pencil really lightly for a little natural definition, or it can be used to help create a stronger brow. I also use a clear mascara from Collection- I love the consistency and this sets my brows exactly how I want them.

I would say that this product is probably best designed for people who have a few more hairs in the brow department to use this to define rather than create- as the formula sits nicely over hairs and doesn't flatten the natural texture and blends so nicely. I can imagine that if people used this straight on its own, it could look incredibly drawn on and false.I would compare this product to a previous brow product I used earlier in the year for a couple of weeks, which is the Anastasia Brow Wiz, however my main problem with this was the brow colour being too light and too warm- I much prefer the colour of my Barry M Brow Wow!

I have two minor floors with this product- it runs out so quickly! I can get it to last me 1 month approximately and I am grateful that it is so affordable and easy to get hold of, as else I think I might cry a little. One more general floor is the colours, whilst I'm singing its praises for the cool-brown-tone-haired brow people of this planet, anyone with lighter brows than my own simply couldn't use these products, it really would be too dark.

To put it simply, I don't plan on changing my brow routine anytime soon...

Beki xx


Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Missing Chanel // #blankthoughts

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, and sometimes waiting for what seems like forever is completely worth it.

If you've read this blog for a while you may remember the time I purchased my first Chanel lip. I really pretty coral pink, a colour that I wouldn't wear often but would equally savour and cherish when I did.

Thus became the perfect lip to wear on my 18th birthday. I put it on before with my best friend around me, and remembered topping it up just as we left the restaurant. However, could I find it when I got home- no I couldn't.

It wasn't some drunken incident which meant I had lost my lipstick, I was practically sober given the ratio of the amount of food I had consumed vs. the amount of wine I had drunk. I just for the life of me couldn't remember where it was.

There were numerous occasions where I have gone to replace this lipstick, and it broke my heart a little. I would umm and argh over it, as I couldn't justify spending that money on a lipstick when I would one day stumble across it.

I genuinely thought I left it in the restaurant, I didn't get it out of my when I got to the pub, yet for some reason I remembered seeing it in my bag in the car on the way.

This was back in June.

Then last week, I was clearing out my room, when I came across my iPad box & bag (the iPad being the gift I got from my Dad) and low and behold, a I could see a little Chanel logo poking out of the top. 

I had found my lost lipstick, after a little cream of happiness and running to my Mum to prove that I hadn't lost it, and then it hit me.

I had put it in the iPad bag to keep it safe from falling out of my over spilling clutch bag, and to also be able to access my keys in my bag without risk of losing them.

Whilst I realise this little story may not interest all of you, and it really is just a lipstick, it helped me realise that sometimes waiting for the things you lose is much nicer than instantly replacing it.

Beki x


Monday, 25 April 2016

MAC Retro Matte Lipsticks

At the beginning of 2016, MAC released their Retro Matte Lipsticks, and make up lovers (specifically lip addicts like myself) across the globe went a little crazy.

And who can blame them? 

The creamy long-lasting consistency and amazing pigmentation are enough to make any lipstick fan throw their money before even trying.

Its taken me forever to write this review, but all in good reason, as it took me a while to fall in love!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on three shades, Divine Divine (Neon Baby Pink), Quite The Standout (Orange-tone Red) & Recollection (Purple). As you can see in the swatches above, the colours of the product are just as clear in the case as on the skin! 

After applying these to my lips I notices that Quite The Standout was by far the easiest to apple, teamed with a lip liner the application was quick and easy, and not at all streaky. Divine Divine was equally as good, however I personally prefer this colour on my skin tone with a slightly darker lip line just so it doesn't wash me out so much; the more I look at the colour it reminds me of a muted Saint Germain which I have never been brave enough to try! I would say that Recollection is definitely the streakiest of my three colours to apply, and took a couple of coats to get an even lip, by which point the colour was so intense it looked (in my opinion) borderline halloween/costume as well as really washing me out.

These colours all seem to have a neon base, luckily for myself I don't mind wearing a bright lip, and it might just be that my eyes caught three of the louder shades. However, when I showed my Mum the colours (we often share lip products), she was instantly intrigued and then disappointed due to the 'loudness'.

I've also seen lots of things online arguing the formula. I personally don't find it too drying providing I wear a lip balm before application. This saying, I was also apprehensive to try these lipsticks when I first bought them simply down to the fact that my lips don't have the best of relationships with the original Retro Matt Lipsticks (Ruby Woo literally cracks my lips after 5 minutes.)

I have found paired with both a nice lip balm and a small coat of liner, these liquid lipsticks really do last on me all day.

Do you own any of the MAC Retro Liquid Lipsticks? What colours do you have? (I desperately wanted Lady Be Good & Dance With Me - but they are sold out every time I go in store to try!!!)

Beki x


Saturday, 23 April 2016

Nutella Cookies

If you know me well, you'll know that Nutella/Hazelnut is literally my favourite thing ever, and a certain coffee shop sells a very nice cookie filled with Nutella goodness, and since it  isn't always accessible, here is my little take on the recipe!

Firstly, you'll need to preheat your over to 180° or 350°F (Gas Mark 4). Then set out your baking trays with baking paper on them, I recommend using two or three trays, depending on how many cookies you end up making!

This recipe makes anywhere from 8 - 16 cookies, depending on how big your make the dough balls further down in the recipe!

You will need:

220g or 1 cup Unsalted Butter
130g or 3/4 cup Soft Brown Sugar
225g or 1 cup White Caster Sugar
2 Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
525g or 3 1/2 cups Plain Flour
1 pinch of Salt
1 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 bag Chocolate Chips
1 large jar of Nutella! (and a spare spoon obvs.)

To start, simply add your butter and both sugars into a large mixing bowl, then whisk until you get a nice fluffy consistency. After this, beat both of your eggs in a separate bowl before adding them into your butter/sugar combination before whisking again. (the consistency will look like a combination of dodgy melted ice cream and even dodgier cat food. sorry.) 

Once you have your gloopy combination, simply add the flour, baking soda, salt and vanilla extract and mix. I find it easier to do this step with my hands rather than the whisk. Shortly before your dough consistency is formed, add your chocolate chips, you can use as little as many as you like, I think half a bag is perfect for this quantity.

When your dough is formed, grab an handful and flatten it into the palm of your hand, then grabbing your Nutella, place a spoonful (or three) into the centre of the dough before folding the edges back in a creating a ball. Then place the ball of dough on your baking tray and place the folded edge down.

Continue to do this for all of your mixture, and then bake for 10-15 minutes (I recommend checking after 10 depending on the size of your cookies!)

Leave to cool and enjoy!

Beki x


Thursday, 21 April 2016

Pretty In Pink // #blankthoughts

Pretty In Pink // #blankthoughts

I would always say I have been a girly girl, however it wasn't until last year that I rediscovered the colour I loved so much when I was younger- pink.

I've never disliked the colour growing up, however it seemed I would often avoid the colour as I personally felt it washed me out.

Last year, I opted for a hot pink number for my 18th, I was really unsure about it and to this day I still don't know whether I like the look or not, yet it was around this time that I properly started to get borderline obsessed with pink again.

I had a pink phone case, pink laptop case, pink bag(s), pink headphones, pink trainers. There were days where my underwear even coordinated with my nail polish.

Am I ashamed? Not in the slightest.

When I wear pink I feel girly, sophisticated, princess-esque, 'flawless' - the list could go on...


We pick colours and objects to help define our characteristics and personalities, as well as  generally making us feel good. I personally always feel that little bit more chic & girly when I wear pink, but I don't feel any less girly when wearing all black. 

Pretty in Pink is how I want to feel everyday, even if I'm not wearing pink specifically.

Beki x


Monday, 18 April 2016

Sunshine and Showers

Sunshine and Showers

(this post has been in my drafts for a while, waiting for the right moment to post...)

You know in life you find a ‘thing’ (or few) and it sticks with you, this could be a hobby, lifestyle- anything.
Sure, I have my singing, my writing, my lipsticks, but at this moment I’m talking about personality.
Sunshine & Showers is a phrase I first properly heard as a young teen, when my fangirling self-found out and fell in love with ‘The Saturdays’, especially Frankie Sandford (now Bridge), whose Grandma gave her the nickname of Sunshine & Showers.
From that moment on this has stuck with me, and I really think this is a way I would ‘put’ myself. I’m either really happy, or I’m a mess, it’s simple.
There’s so much written online about mental health that helps people (in a good way, in my opinion.) But I feel that more needs to be said, and that the subject shouldn’t be as taboo as it is in today’s culture.
We all have rough days, I have them, really horrible days that make me question what I am really doing and what the future holds. In my experiences, it always seems as if everything happens at once, and there’s never an easy day. Do I get anxious in day-to-day situations? Yes, (but equally I would argue it depends on the atmosphere surrounding that situation.) Would I say I’m depressed or have been? No. A teacher once told me she thought I was, too which a friend of mine replied, ‘No she isn’t, she’s far too upbeat and positive about things.’ Did that make me question something else going on inside of me? A little bit yes. 

But do I think that something else is wrong? Who knows, right now, I’m happy to say that I am Sunshine and Showers, just with a few more rainy days than average.

Beki x

Monday, 11 April 2016

Ave Maria (Beyoncé) Cover

Its been ages. 

Recently I have been feeling incredibly paranoid about my voice, and in a moment of madness, recorded a cover and uploaded it to YouTube.

I love Beyoncé and I equally love classical music having growing up listening to it, so this song felt right.

I'm also currently debating whether to take down my other covers- as I'm just not happy with them!

Beki x
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