Friday, 19 February 2016

The Second Year Itch...

Happy 2nd Birthday to this dear little blog...I have my explaining.

I vowed to myself that I would stop with the explaining posts, especially as it is ultimately my 'world' and I control the updates.

This time, excuses aren't as good as last time. I've been working on a couple of exciting things similar to here (which you will find out about all in good time), continuing with the a levels I am allowed to study, and attempting to sort my life out. It's fab. I'm happy. So much happier than I have been in the past.

You may have noticed we've gone back to the old theme, as I've mentioned time and time before,I am a perfectionist, and unless something is 'spot on' I'm not happy, and there was something I wasn't happy with. (welcome back baby pink & flowers

It's an odd feeling, I feel guilty about not posting because I equally enjoy writing as I do reading, but at the same time I'm not guilty, I am solely in control of this blog, and if that means forgoing a couple posts to then enjoy many many more in the future, then so be it.

I often write about a new 'timetable'/routine for blogposts, and I can never stick to it- this kills me a bit, but at the moment I kind of like the idea of posting a couple of times a week as and when it happens...

I think that's all for now- let's see where the next year takes us, before we know it it will be three candles ;)

Beki xxx
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