Saturday, 31 December 2016

Goodbye 2016 // #blankthoughts

Goodbye 2016. It wasn't the year I planned, but it certainly wasn't a year I'll be forgetting. 

This year was a year I wanted to truly focus on myself and my mental health. Now, if I am 100% honest I definitely didn't do this. I care so much about what people think of me and my decisions that it sends me crazy. I find it difficult to say no to things unless its my closest/nearest people around me who know I'm joking or desperate for a break. But that's okay, as over the past couple of months I feel like I have been managing my time better, (and for the first time in my life sufficiently staying up past 10pm whilst being inside my house- this NEVER happens!) And I have really loved my past couple of months of the year. 

Sadness. There's certainly been sadness this year, mainly through my overthinking. If I think too much about something I stress myself out and get upset, not to mention thinking about what people think of me. I've gotten so stressed through education I've laughed my way through everything and almost ended up not caring. I do care, I really care. Its just hard to show you care when the industry you want to enter is so cut throat. 2016 was another year of no's in theatre school land for Beki, and I'm totally okay with that, as if I had of got in, I wouldn't be on my college course now learning so much more and surrounded by people who all want similar things to me.

 I passed my Grade 8! I know what you're thinking, she's banging on about her Grade 8 again, but frankly I see this as my major highlight of the year. I'd dreamt of getting my Grade 8 in Musical Theatre since I was 13, and after a failed attempt last year, I am so so happy with the end outcome. I finished my A Levels (finally) and said goodbye to a school that I had negative connotations with no through fault of my own since I was 11. Its funny, I never imagined myself leaving, and now I could never see myself going back. Sixth Form majorly affected my thoughts and views on education, and frankly 2016 was the year I knew I could never become a teacher, and needed to work on my 'career.'

Laughter. 2016 was certainly the year I've laughed the most in years. Of course, there were the moments where I have wanted to cry and hide in a corner, but there were also the moments where I have laughed so much I really have questioned my brain or sense, as I'm sure you would to. My personal favourites including the time my dungarees fell down the toilet 4 seconds before the weeing began. I've lost friends in supermarkets and been approached by 60-year-old men whilst declaring a love for my 18 inches (2 nine inches) of Pizza in a car park. I've compared picking a favourite Disney Princess to Jesus picking his favourite disciple, accidentally wished a Jehovah's Witness Merry Christmas alongside walking into a wall with my Frappachino. None of these may make much sense to you, but these are just a few of my daily 'Beki' moments, and I doubt they'll be stopping any time soon.

This year I also met a number of new people who I have laughed until I've nearly peed myself with (favourite kind of people fyi), most of whom I know are those people who could potentially be friends for life. The kind you don't see for 2/3/5/10 years, but could bump into them in the street and go for coffee and instantly be inseparable. If anyone from Flat 52 or the GSA Audition Technique week is reading this- thank you for making me smile and I miss you!!!!!

I set myself numerous targets throughout 2016, and I didn't accomplish many if any of them. I'm not going to say what I did or didn't achieve, as even though I set myself targets and time limits on when I want to complete things, I know ultimately that there is no boundary. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and perhaps that this year wasn't the year. I want 2017 to be the year I don't turn down opportunities. That I don't allow my nerves to control the life I want to live and chances I want to take. I want to take risks and not care what people think. I want to get to this time next year and say I did all I could- even if I could have done more.

I could write so much more about the year, but I won't, as this year was the first year of my life where I truly felt happy and content accepting the actions and surroundings that surrounded me, whether they were good, bad or indifferent.

2016, thank you for opening my eyes and allowing me to try,

Beki x


Friday, 30 December 2016

Beauty Bits I Got For Christmas...

Hey everyone! Today's post is just a quick one talking through the beauty bits I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas. I have never done a 'What I Got For' post before as I simply feel like I have to justify everything, which I don't, there will people who will get more and there will be people who will get less.

So rather than not doing the post at all, I thought I would talk through the few beauty bits I was lucky enough to get, as that way its (hopefully) not too pretentious, nor is it a missed day/really long post talking about 12238364 bottles of bubble bath.

As well as my beautiful Nars Lipstick from my friend Becky (read here), my lovely friend Laura got me a MAC Eyeshadow that I had been desperate to add to my palettes since I started them a couple of years ago (along with a few other lovely bits of course!) The colour is Sumptuous Olive, and its a gorgeous golden-green shade and a colour I know I will get so much wear out of.

The rest of the pieces were all from my Mum (Santa!) and its safe to say I was spoiled. In no particularly order my heart skipped a few beats when I opened both of the MAC Nutcracker Sweet Pigment/Glitter sets. As much as I am a lipstick lover, I always have shadow and liner on, and I love wearing pigments and glitters on a daily basis. One box is more pink/brown toned whilst the other features more copper/red tones, and I love both equally and cannot wait to properly test them out!

When I saw photographs of the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette a couple of months ago I knew it was another of their palettes that I needed in my collection without hesitation. I had seen it at my local counter a couple of times, and if I'm completely honest didn't properly get chance to look due to being so busy, as well as forgetting I put this on my list! It was a lovely surprise and I adore the mix of colours that many people may not consider 'normal!'

Next up is a beautiful and dainty nude lipstick from Chanel. Boy is a classic nude shade from the Rouge Coco Shine range that I have longed to be in my collection for a very long time. I definitely think that 2016 was the year I fell in love with nude lipsticks, and this is certainly one of them...

And last but certainly not least, I got my hands on a bottle of Modern Muse Le Rouge by Estee Lauder. Its almost a tradition that I get a different bottle of perfume each Christmas, and I had had my eye on this one for a very long time. Light and floral, this scent is timeless and perfect at anytime of day all year round. I love the fact that my Mum also got the bottle engraved, that's just another personal touch that I really really love!

Like I said I also got numerous bottles of bubble bath bits, but there's no need to mention those!

Beki x

Thursday, 29 December 2016

The 365 Journal // #blankthoughts

One thing I am looking forward to doing in 2017 is creating new memories. I am that person who will remember random/funny flashbacks/memories at any point of day and smile or laugh about it in the process.

When Mum & I went to London we visited Kikki K in Covent Garden and I showed her the 365 journal, where I added that I thought it was a cute idea to use as a scrapbook- little did I know she snuck back into the shop to buy it when I was in MAC buying a lipliner!

The 365 journal has no rules, its a journal with 365 blank pages for any use. Its perfect for a diary to use at any point of the year, creative writing strategies, lifestyle and more. I plan on using mine as a scrapbook and journal for 2017.

Along with the date, each day I plan on writing a positive 'thing' that happened (blogpost got number of views, ate favourite food or mastered dance move etc), along with an event that happened in the news and one of my many blonde thoughts/moments from the day.  Last year I got a polaroid camera for Christmas, and no sooner I used up all the film, I never bought any refills and its sat in my drawer since. My plan is if I happen to photograph on my phone, camera or polaroid something that happens that day (not necessarily everyday) then I can also add it to my journal.

I really hope I can keep this up, I do think it will be lovely to look back on in a few years!

Have you got a 365 journal?

Beki x

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Why I Don't Celebrate New Years // #blankthoughts

Every year people ask me if I am doing anything for New Years, and the answer is no.

This isn't because I'm a social recluse who is much happier in my own company (!), its simply the way I have been brought up, with a few of my thoughts thrown in for good measure.

You see, I am a very open minded person, and will actively change plans or how I'm doing something without as second thought, and that's how I see New Years. For example, next year my life could be completely different and I could be out in a club surrounded by friends and loved ones loving the countdown, but right now that sounds like hell.

Living in a household that kind of half heartedly celebrated it meant I would always watch the BBC1 countdown live from London and then say Happy New Year to my Mum and Dad before continuing as normal, but it was as I have gotten older I simply realise that there is no need for me to celebrate New Years, as nothing will ever change.

Like so many others, our family had their share of difficulties as I was growing up and its been over the past few years that on New Years Eve/Day I really struggle. Saying goodbye to a year and hello to another is fine, but what difference is that one minute going to make? Those problems don't suddenly get left in the past and probably will continue into the future. I know its a pessimistic approach to have on the situation, but it simply is the truth.

Last year we had a gathering at our house on NYE, I was really looking forward to seeing everyone and staying up all night singing, drinking and dancing surrounded by family, when truth be told by 10pm I had had one drink and was much happier sat on the sofa minding my own business. Then the tears came and they didn't want to leave. It was difficult trying to explain to my family who didn't understand my 'fear' of the evening why I didn't want to be there. I dried my tears and went to bed, needless to say I barely slept all night and was subconsciously thinking about this new year that was approaching, and all the changes I 'needed' to make.

'New Year New Me' is a saying I despise. We as humans only have one life so why wait until the 1st of January to start something new when you could literally start tomorrow? I've spent countless years of my life thinking what if this year is different, when in reality it will always be whatever we make it.

Beki x


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The OOTD Post // Not a 'Marble' Blogger

It was on Christmas Day that I realised I would never be what I call a 'marble blogger', and I mean that in the sense that my blog is in no way, shape or form perfect, particularly the photos.

I had planned to have an OOTD post from Christmas Day and Boxing Day today, and that is what you will get, however the outfit shots aren't fab- and here's why;

- I hate having my photo taken, so awkwardly asking a family member to take a photo of the one they know hates photos isn't going to go down without being questioned...

- Explaining that it's for Instagram/my blog is a conversation I really didn't need to have on Christmas Day.


-Did I mention I hate having my photo taken?


So now, I present to you a couple of awful outfits shots from Christmas Day taken at the bottom end of Plymouth City Centre (Plymothians will know the buildings/aesthetic problems) and my hallway. (Note my legs aren't edited, Mum insisted on taking the picture on her camera rather than mine!) Although I deem my Boxing Day photo as acceptable!


-Boots; River Island
-Bag; Michael Kors
-Dress; Pretty Little Thing
-Coat; New Look
-Tights; M&S

-Dress; Topshop
-Tights; M&S
-Boots; Dune

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Beki x


Monday, 26 December 2016

An Offer You Can't Refuse / Jill Mansell

Today's post is just a little one to talk about the book I am currently reading, which is 'An Offer You Can't Refuse' by Jill Mansell. I purchased this book on my iTunes account years ago and have yet to read it, and on Christmas Day I picked it up and started reading it on my phone, and now I'm obsessed.

I won't lie, I'm literally only one chapter in, but I am hooked. What would you do if your boyfriends snobby mother offered you £10,000 to break up with him? Tricky one isn't it. Fast forward 10 years when you bump into you ex and he could potentially discover the truth...

I'll let you know more when I have finished it!

Beki x


Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas ♡

Merry Christmas everyone! Today's post is just a little one to say Merry Christmas to whoever is reading this, wherever you are in the world.

I hope you have a fun filled, memorable and enjoyable day packed with festivities and happiness. 

Thank you for taking time to read my blog on such a special day, 

Beki ♡   xx

Saturday, 24 December 2016

My Favourite Christmas Films

With Christmas literally around the corner, today I thought I would talk you through my favourite festive films! 

I'm not going to talk through plots of each film, as lets be frank we've probably all seen them countless times!

Firstly I'll start with The Grinch, which if I'm completely honest I'll watch all year round. I love it and just think the storyline fits the festive season perfect. Plus I've always wanted/still really want to be Cindy Lou Who.

Next up is 'The Muppets Christmas Carol'. I grew up watching The Muppets and the story of 'A Christmas Carol' is a classic. I've been lucky enough to see it on stage a couple of times and the combination of the two is always a winner in my eyes.

My next favourite is a film not pictured above, but has been my favourite since I was tiny. 'The Year Without a Santa Claus' is a musical animation and I haven't not watched it since I was four years old. I have so many happy memories associated with this film that I don't think there will ever be a Christmas where I don't watch it. (perfect for all ages!!!)

I class all three nativity films as one film, this is because I will sit and watch them non stop and I doubt I will never not find them funny. I adore the character of Mr Poppy and frankly wish I was him. 

Finally I have 'The Vicar of Dibley' Christmas Special. Technically not a Christmas film, but it is most certainly a classic in my household. I don't know if I have ever mentioned it online but I literally grew up watching sitcoms, and I knew all the words to every episode of 'The Vicar of Dibley' by the age of 8.

And that's it! I love anything Christmassy!


Beki x


Friday, 23 December 2016

My Favourite Time of Year // #blankthoughts

With just a few short days until Christmas Day 2016 approaches us, today I felt as if I needed to reflect. Not on 2016, no that can happen another day. Today I needed to reflect on Christmas.

Dubbed as the most wonderful time of the year, its something we all naturally fill ourselves with stress with, 'have we got enough food?', 'did we miss someone on the present list?' or 'did you do that thing for nan?' every. single. year.

I tend to go into hibernation during the New Year (blogpost to follow) simply due to the fact that whilst the festive season is my favourite time of year, I'm always unbelievably sad to see it go. Its one of those few times of the year where I feel as if I have a purpose or working towards something, and is also one of the few days of the year where I actively tell myself not to write or brainstorm ideas and simply have some time for myself surrounded by loved ones (Although lets be honest I'm never not thinking about writing/ideas...)

Most of all, I'm really looking forward to simply being me. Christmas has always been the time of year where I feel most comfortable with myself. Nothing can change about me overnight and nor will it, and I just like having the time where the only major brain ache is following a soap storyline or a game of charades. 

Yes, Christmas is my favourite type of year because I enjoy being me.

Beki x

2 more sleeps to go...

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Nars Audacious Lipstick // Lana

Yesterday one of my besets friends Becky and I did our little Christmas present exchange, and its safe to say I'm unbelievably happy and grateful for the end gift...

Becky currently lives in Liverpool for university, so we last properly saw each other in September just before she left, although we do speak on a weekly basis about utter rubbish (and all the personal stuff yay).

A few weeks ago I dropped into conversation what Becky would like for Christmas, to which she requested a lipstick (specifically something orange/red toned- I went for 'Bang' from Urban Decay), likewise she then asked me and I laughed saying I'd also be happy with a lipstick...except Becky had a much bigger challenge here given that I own an awful lot of lipsticks and she didn't know where to begin- or so I thought.

Cut to a couple of weeks later, we are both sat discussing our choices and both suddenly have a moment of panic thinking we may have purchased each other the same lipstick, which wouldnt be a problem, it would just be hilarious. We did a little '3 2 1 'say the brand' thing and I declared Urban Decay and she declared Nars and I squealed like a toddler on Christmas morning. I adore Nars as a brand however I like to purchase makeup from a counter rather than online unless I specifically know what I am after, and with no Nars counter remotely close to Plymouth- it doesn't happen often. 

From that moment onwards I was uber excited to see Becky, not only was one of my closest friends back in Plymouth to laugh at my clumsiness, but she had also purchased something that I had no idea about. I've never really looked at Nars lipsticks as I've always had other products by them on my try list. To anyone in Starbucks who saw me open this lipstick you probably thought I was insane, and that would be right, as Becky gave me 'Lana' which is a gorgeous orange toned red, and more importantly my favourite colour in lipstick. I used to wear orange toned reds frequently prior to my braces being fitted, and ever since I've worn braces I've felt anything other than nude lipstick hasn't suited me, but today I thought otherwise, I took the plunge and wore the lipstick. 

It's beautiful. Matte and not drying, long lasting and highly pigmented, this may just be my second favourite red lipstick ever; (I say second favourite as nothing will ever beat Lady Danger for me- even though they are practically identical!) 

Thank you again Becky, I adore my lipstick and feel so grateful to have such fabulous friends in my life...

Beki x



Wednesday, 21 December 2016

How To: Orange Hot Chocolate

Last night I treated myself to one of my all time favourite festive drinks, a chocolate orange hot chocolate. It's really quick and easy to make!

For this particular recipe I used 400ml of milk (this was one mug full, however I would say use slightly less and I did have a little left over once I had finished making the hot chocolate), 4/5 segments of Terry's Chocolate Orange (and orange chocolate is fine!) and one tablespoon of hot chocolate powder just to be sure it was chocolatey enough! I also had some squirty cream and another segment as decoration at the end, but you can of course use whatever you want! (I definitely didn't eat the rest of the orange whilst making it either...)

After measuring my milk I simply heated this on a mid-high heat in a saucepan, and once it was warm I added the segments. I stirred the mixture for a while before adding the hot chocolate powder and simply kept stirring for a couple of minutes until it felt warm/tasted enough (taste test on spoon!). I then poured the hot chocolate into my mug, added the cream and other segment and relaxed for the rest of my evening!

Like I said so simple, and this recipe will also work for mint chocolate and other varieties! 

4 more sleeps to go...

Beki x


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Reintroducing Studio Fix Fluid

One of my first ever posts on this blog was me talking about a new love of make-up and growing my collection. It all started out with a bottle of Studio Fix Fluid from MAC almost three years ago, and I haven't looked back since.

This foundation was my saviour during my major acne breakouts and mainly due to being on of the few foundations in Plymouth that actually matched my pale skin. It was simply a holy grail. However towards the end of last year I found myself not wanting to wear the foundation so much, I had found a couple of other foundations (Rimmel Wake Me Up & Nars Sheer Glow) that were in the front running of love and this got pushed to the side. 

Now almost a year on, I've re-purchased, but this time in a different colour- NC10. I always found NW10 was a perfect colour for me, however my personal preference is a yellow toned and slightly lighter foundation, which NW10 sadly wasn't- but NC10 is. I'm sure most of you would have heard of the amazing coverage this foundation gives alongside its longevity and ability not to go cakes regardless of the amount of powder used throughout the day right? Good, because I simply cannot sing this foundations praises enough, especially now that I'm dancing more throughout the day and its lasts the majority of the time.

For reference, I wear this foundation with either Nars Creamy Concealer or Urban Decay Naked Concealer and MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation.

Beki x


Monday, 19 December 2016

The Peppermint Diaries #1

Stereotypically as a Brit I should love tea, and there is no lie to this fact. Currently peppermint tea is my drink of choice and I had forgotten how much I loved it. There's nothing better than sitting down with a cup of tea and a snack and writing. For me a cup of tea is my ultimate writing accompaniment and I doubt this will ever change. I love writing in the evening and use it as a tool to wind down before bed.

Whilst sat drinking my peppermint tea on the train on Saturday I had yet another idea, what if everytime I drunk a cup of tea 'something happened' and I noted it down, whether this be my thoughts or my surroundings.

Thus became 'The Peppermint Diaries', with this as the first instalment.

Tired, cold, nervous; that's how I feel right now. I'm sat on a quite train to the busiest city, where in a few hours I will probably have been told no again. Pessimistic I hear you say? Naturally, but you have to be in this industry, else you will only cry all the time. One bum note and bam, 'sorry not today' - standard. Happy tears tend to be more apparent in my life these days, mainly as in the moment I'm likely to be overwhelmed or shocked that something good has gone my way- I'm not asking for sympathy I'm just naturally unlucky. Anyway, here's to that little bit of luck that's in me somewhere, hopefully we will meet one day...

Beki x


Sunday, 18 December 2016

14 Hours in London...

Hey everyone!

Yesterday was a really long day for me, I spent a total of 14 hours (ish) commuting to London for an audition and back again! 

I spent loads of the day on Instagram using stories, mainly as a way to kill boredom I guess, so I thought I would share what I documented and talk you through the day a bit.

5am - Alarm

It was not nice, I really wasn't feeling it but the minute I got to the train station at half past six I suddenly felt a little more with it.

6.30am - Breakfast

A station croissant and the first peppermint tea of the day, yep I know how to have a wild Saturday morning. My train was at 6.55 and there was no hope in hells chance that I was going to miss it!

7.15am - Make up time

It was way too early for me to even consider doing my makeup at home before I left, so I didn't. I really took my time doing it and spent the best part of an hour doing so. My make up never usually takes this long but given that I had no tools to clean up if my eyeliner or eyebrows went wrong it's probably for the best. (And there was only one minor disaster involving a dirty blending brush!)

10.22am - Arrived in Paddington

Oyster Card topped up and oh my goodness it's very cold. Crap. I have an hour or so to kill before needing to go to my audition so I spend my time in Starbucks in Paddington enjoying a cookie and my second peppermint tea. (Wild).

11.10am - Toilet Time

Probably an odd thing to document but as well as having a 'for luck wee', I'm attempting to subtly warm up my voice in the toilets. I've got some high notes to hit and they aren't gonna warm themselves up! (Just a few odd looks...)

11.30am - Commute to East London

I spent an hour on three different tubes. I love the tube- yet another wild sentence, but I really zone out and 'use my thoughts' as it were. 

12.20pm - Arrive at Venue

LET THE QUEUING & WAITING COMMENCE. Three hours to be precise.

3.45pm - Audition time

It went really well and I simply wasnt what they were looking for, no hard feelings!
(if anyone knows a Shirley from Croydon let me know asap!!! I met her yesterday and she was so so lovely and I'd love to keep in touch...)

4.10pm - Back on The Tube Again

Back to Paddington I go whilst talking to my lovely friend Becky and continuing to 'think' on the tube.

5.10pm - Fooooood

The first time I had properly eaten since my croissant and cookies and I opted for Burger King- it was great.

6.00pm - Home Time

My train journey home was an adventure in itself following a drunk falling asleep on me and knocking his cider over! Ah well, could have been worse!

9.20pm - Train back in Plymouth!

Hooray I'm nearly home! And when I eventually got in I typed the rest of this post, took my make-up off and tied my hair up. It was bliss. And now I am very excited to go to bed...

I just want to add in here that even though in reality today would have cost me a fair amount to get up to London to already kind of expect to be told no, I'm really glad I did it as it was a good way for me to realise what I do/dont want to do...

Beki x

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Blog Blog Blog // #blankthoughts

Hello all!

Today's post is just a quick one talking about the world that is Blonde & Blank, or my baby as it were.

The other day someone asked me if they saw me as a blogger full time in the future, to which I simply answered no. Don't get me wrong I love blogging and I've loved blogging through December and September this year- but let's be honest that's all I have really done! I've had this blog for nearly three years and if you analysed the numbers growth then there has been the tiniest of growth in the past year, but generally the numbers are still very very small- and I'm alright with that.

You see I started this blog as a hobby, and sure I adore writing and it to be a part of my career in the future, but that doesn't necessarily include this blog; it may influence it, but not make it happen. There are so many bloggers and influencers these days creating blogs and channels and Instagram profiles which are instantly 'perfect' and their career is rolling- and don't get me wrong that is amazing, but whatever happened to starting off from the bottom and really enjoying the path to the top. And that's another reason why I love my blog the way it is now, being a perfectionist means I often wish my blog could look like the professional 'perfect' accounts, but mine simply isn't that, I don't have a team of people surrounding me to take pictures or alter a camera, nor do I have several thousand followers on Instagram alongside a wardrobe that Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of, and I'm alright with that.

Right, I'm off to write some more for my book(s), who knows maybe one day I'll get to tell you all about it...

Beki x


Friday, 16 December 2016

All The Boots

Hey everyone!

Today's post is a little one talking about all of my favourite boots I've been reaching for over the past couple of months. The minute the 1st of September rolls around I am instantly reaching for boots and basically refuse to take them off until at least March.

Generally, I've been wearing my black flat Chelsea boots from Ravel the most. To the point that I scuffed them the other day and for a split second considered crying, pathetic, I know. Its only very tiny and nothing a bit of polish won't cover which is another reason why I keep refusing to take them off. I purchased them just before I went London as every other pair of black boots I own have a higher heel and I knew I needed something I could walk in. It was risky given that they were my only pair of shoes for the four days we were away, but they are honestly the comfiest boot I have ever owned, and I am almost tempted to order another pair to keep as spare for when these ones do die of death- again, pathetic, I know.

Next up I need to talk about my Leopard print sock boots from River Island. I purchased these last year completely on a whim and unsure if I would wear them, but I knew I needed them in my wardrobe. Obviously they aren't an everyday boot depending on your clothing/fashion sense, but I adore these pairs with a dress or jeans and a top or a pinafore- the list is endless. My only critique is that the heel feels very blocky when you walk and I do find it occasionally gives me a little discomfort, but apart from that they are a really really good pair of statement boots.

Next up are my Burgundy boots from Asos, and I blame these solely on Victoria from InTheFrow. One of her blog photos consisted of her wearing a tan faux suede skirt, crop knit jumper and some burgundy boots and bag. The second I saw this image I knew I needed the outfit in my wardrobe, and the hunting began. The jumper was pretty easy to get hold of as I was already planning on buying something similar. The skirt has caused me numerous amounts of stress due to *namedrop alert* Missguided sending me black skirts as supposed to the tan one on two occasions- but its alright now and River Island have theirs back in stock and I'm just in between sizes which is a bit awks. My bag I picked up from Ted Baker was a little present to myself during the Black Friday Sales. So lastly were the heels, now I had stalked asos and other high street stores to find the exact pair I was looking for and it took me hours. I didn't want a fancy heal or a sock boot if I'm honest, now I literally cannot sing their praises.

Finally are the blossom boots from Topshop. Mum and I picked these up in London (after a minor drama being sold the wrong size haha) and I have worn them a couple of times since, and adore them. At first I had an inkling that they were going to be painful to walk in, and yes there was a tiny ache but its nothing taking the shoes off won't hurt! I love wearing these with a pinafore dress and turtle neck top.

And they're my favourite boot picks! Are there any others that should be in my collection?

Beki x


Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Girl Who Does Lots // #blankthoughts

My name is Beki Blank, and I like making too much work for myself. I put this down to being overly ambitious and frankly a bit of a stress head, and simply want to be able to be in full control of my life and work in the future.

I set myself constant targets, and more often than not I don't meet those targets, and I'm alright with that, because I do lots, and feel constantly busy.

Don't get me wrong, I know I'm not the only busy person on the planet, but I feel like people often underestimate what I do in my very little free time. For example, 'you're always glued too your laptop'- that would be correct. When I'm not in college dancing chances are I am working towards an assignment, or I am in my part time job in retail, or I'm blogging, or I am singing/learning/teaching myself new rep, likewise I'm learning a monologue, or attending extra dance classes. I then will try and wind down by writing, I love it. I set myself a a target this year of getting 20,000 words of my 'first' book written, simply in my free time and off my own back. I haven't hit that target and planned on writing loads during my Christmas break (which is now non-existent; aaah retail!) and that isnt going to happen, and I'm alright with that. 

I strongly believe in good things come to those who wait or work for it, and if I'm completely honest I feel like I've done an awful lot of waiting. For example, this weekend I'm meant to be away for something which could be a big deal (I say could loosely as the likelihood of it actually happening is slim), but I am SO busy over the next few days and days afterwards that I am basically saying to myself- is it worth it? Is it worth all the travel and hassle and long days for the possibility of being told no? In my head apparently so. 

Its not the first time this year that I've been put in a situation like this, and frankly my little head really doesn't know how to take it. Do I follow my dreams or do I have a day in bed desperately catching up on the sleep I need and miss?

Ultimately, whatever decision I make, I just need to keep reminding myself, that like so many people, I am a girl who does lots, and fingers crossed one day it will all be worth it.

Beki x

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Makeup Bag Revelations

Hi everyone!

Today's post is all about a few items in my collection that I have rediscovered in the past few days...

Nars Creamy Concealer - Chantilly

I have a real love/hate relationship with this concealer, its not as good as the Urban Decay one in my opinion, however it doesn't stop me from keeping it in my collection. Recently I've been actively choosing to wear this concealer over my Urban Decay one, mainly as I've been loving the fuller coverage it leaves on me once I have blended it out. Paired with my Charlotte Tilbury foundation, I simply am in love with the almost flawless look that is left on my skin when I wear the two together. I wear the shade Chantilly and find that works perfectly on my pale skin tone! 

Nars Blush - Deep Throat

Fun fact, this is one of two/three blushes I own but the only blush I really use. I don't particularly like wearing blush and will only choose to wear it if I think my face needs it! Deep Throat is a pretty subtle pop of pink with hints of gold glitter, and in my opinion is a perfect colour for anytime of year.

MAC Lipstick - Capricious

This lipstick is one I've had in my collection for years and rarely wear. I love the colour, a dark rose with the tiniest hint of nude/brown. Its beautiful and very timeless. However, every single time I wear it it looks completely different on my lips! I can come to terms with this and it won't stop me wearing the colour!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow - Taupe

Okay okay, slight confession- this wasn't already in my make-up bag. Technically, it was, but in a different shade. Last year I purchased dip brow in Medium Brown after numerous debates of what the colours of my eyebrows would be. (I own taupe and medium brown in the brow wiz as I am basically either!). Medium Brown was too dark for me. Everytime I tried it I hated it, simply as the colour wasnt right. The other day I ordered taupe in hope the colour would be right- and it was! Usually I find eyebrow products slightly too warm for my liking however this isnt as bad as swatches online make it look! I'm still getting to grips with using Dip Brow, but nonetheless, I love it.

Have you found any re-discoveries in your makeup collection?

Beki x


Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Florentyna is a classic scent from Marks and Spencer's. I've grown up surrounded by this scent as both of my Nan's and my Mum adore it. 

The obsession grew after buying both my Nans a new bottle for Christmas (they won't read this ha!) and I cheekily picked myself up a bottle as a pre-christmasy present to myself, and I haven't looked back since.

Florentyna is a light floral scent that as mentioned I automatically associate with my Nan's, but the scent is so beautiful its hard not to love it. Made up of Lily of the Valley, Orange Blossom and a hint of musk, traditionally its a scent that is perfect throughout spring. However, recently I've been obsessed with wearing it everyday, and I mean everyday.

The longevity of this perfume is incredible and so affordable at £12.50 for a 100ml bottle! I cannot recommend it enough!

Beki x


Monday, 12 December 2016

My Top 5 Favourite Festive Red Lipsticks

Hello everyone and welcome back if you do read here often! Today I'm going to me taking you through my top 5 'festive red' lipsticks. I say 'festive', as these are all colours you can wear all year round and get hold of all year round- but who doesn't love a red lip at Christmas?

First up we have one of my all time favourites and generally my go to red- MAC Lady Danger. It's very orange toned but still very red, combined with MACs standard matte formula which is far from drying, there's nothing you can't love about this colour. (I often pair it with MACs Cherry lip liner.)

Next up is Urban Decay's Mrs Mia Wallace. I first got my hands on this when Urban Decay launched their Pulp Fiction collection years ago and loved the intensity and deepness back then. Its a gorgeous blue toned red and is the perfect blue toned autumnal/wintery red.

Ruby Woo is another classic red MAC shade. Alongside the likes of Russian Red and Lady Danger, Ruby Woo is the ultimate matte red. When I first bought this lipstick I really struggled with the retro matte formula, and found it too drying for my lips, but now, after many different lip balms and lipliner combinations, I love this lipstick on me as much as I do in the bullet.

Kendall Jenner is a well known face of Estee Lauder, and last year she released a lipstick merging two of the brands most popular red shades to create her own. Restless is a beautiful orange toned red that is a hybrid of 'Orange Crush' and 'Poppy' from the general collection. Now I'm not 100% sure if Restless is still available, as I fully remember the hype of trying to get my hands on the lipstick that was 'limited edition' at the time. However, theres nothing stoping you looking at Orange Crush or Poppy...

And finally, Viva Glam Rihanna. Another blue toned red, but in my opinion its Lady Danger and Ruby Woo's glittery love child. I love the glitter in this lipstick, its subtle and gives a metallic feel, and is lovely for people who don't like a matte/'boring' lip.

What are you're favourite red lipsticks?!

Beki x

P.S sorry for lots of MAC - I just think they do the best reds!

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