Thursday, 1 October 2015

1st October

1st October

Its the 1st of October and once again I have failed a month. Whoop. Whoop. I do have excuses as per, and that is school. My life is a new and even more manic routine that I am slowly adjusting to. Lets talk about good things and bad things:

Good Things

  • I’m not anaemic anymore! Blood test results came back normal, which is a relief, as I was tarting to forget to take the tablets…
  • Writing, I making the most of my time and writing loads! I have a back log of blogposts, book ideas and many more things kept on here, ready to use on a rainy day!
  • School! School seems to be coming together, especially as its not so stressful anymore!

Bad Things

  • Desperately trying to get more and more organised. I have time and effort but no skill (this makes more sense in my head.)
  • Still. Very. Tired. Do I need to continue?

Stay tuned for more lifey posts about how terrible everything seems to be going. Jokes. I will get more creative with my content.

Beki x
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