Friday, 10 July 2015

Whats in my Handbag Make-up Bag?

Today's post is a follow on from last years, 'Whats in My Handbag Make-up Bag?'.

To start with the make-up bag, I got for my birthday from my Mum. Its by Maggs London, and I have been spying Hannah's make-up bags on her and Stef's vlogs for ages, so was very happy when I opened it up from the gorgeous packaging.

The make-up bag it self is what I would call your average bag size. It fits plenty of stuff inside of it, and having used this for just make-up alone before it became my bag of essentials, it fit a weekends worth of different make-up looks with the majority of my brushes in. I went for the Truly Scrumptious print, my personal favourite on the website, especially with my rather sweet teeth.

Anyway inside this bag contains what I consider essentials. Firstly hygiene, toothbrush, toothpaste and mints. I have braces which means sometimes I need to brush my teeth on the go and can't go for a quick fix of chewing gum. Next up is deodorant and perfume- need I say anymore? Likewise with the hand gel and hand cream, you never know when you will need it.

The other half of my kit is all make up. Blotting powder, concealer and cotton buds- to cover up spots, oiliness and mascara down the face- I cry a lot you know. And three lip options, a pink balm from boots, Barry M Toffee gloss (favourite nude) and a red option just incase...

What do you keep in your handbag make-up bag?

Beki x


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