Sunday, 5 July 2015

Top 5 Lush Products

Top L-R Dragons Egg, Fizzbanger, Dorothy.
Bottom L-R Brightside, Avobath.

This blogpost is one I have wanted to write since starting my blog, and I have never done it because I never had all my favourite bombs/bars at once!

I'm not too much of a fan of Lush Shower gels except for Snow Fairy at Christmas, so minus that, these are my Top 5 Lush Bath Products.

Dragons Egg

Dragons Egg is a white bath bomb filled with different pastel-esque colours that once fizzed, ends up a wee looking golden colour. (selling it well aren't I!) The only way I can describe the smell of this bath bombs refresher sweets. Its very refreshing and a fun bomb to use in the bath, and I would recommend this to first time lush buyers!


Fizzbanger is a bright yellow quirky bath bomb that has a reoccurring theme of apple. Not an obvious apple scent, more like a candy apple that when fizzed goes to the shape of an apple core. Did I mention it also goes bright blue? I would recommend this bath bomb to children because of the 'fun' it provides, especially with the hidden paper message once fizzed!


Dorothy is one of the two bubble bars I'm featuring in this post. Bubble bars are probably my favourite product from lush as you can get multiple uses for your money. Dorothy may only be a small bubble bar, but rationed you can easily get two baths out of it. Its not my favourite scent of the bunch, however my inner 'The Wizard of Oz' fangirl loves the fact this is a rainbow, and then goes green to represent the emerald city. Its the little things I swear.


Brightside is my favourite Lush product of all time. Its a relatively large bubble bar that can give you up to 4/5 uses if rationed correctly. And as the colours would suggest, it smells of oranges. Oranges that have just been peeled and smell so fresh and wonderful. I can't sing this product its praises enough, if you like orange, get it. It's simple.


Last but not least, is the first ever Lush product I tried that I will always love. I'm not the biggest fan of Avocados, yet this bath bomb is equally as refreshing as Dragons Egg, and leaves your bath a lovely green colour. Whats not to love?

Tell me your favourite Lush products...

Beki xx


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