Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Yellow (Or Any Other Colour) Eye Look...

awkward selfie.

Remember the blue eye look? Today we have another colour of the rainbow to master- and its yellow.

Daunting I know. I remember first seeing a similar look Rita Ora and Cara Delevigne wore a couple of years ago and thinking 'its a no from me...' - however in my years of growing more open to experiment, its a look I am loving.

Similarly to the blue look, the use of liner will make this look not so 'crazy', however its completely up to you how much or little eyeliner you use.

You need:

- Yellow Shadow (I went for Chrome Yellow from MAC)
- Black Shadow (optional for liner)
- Black eyeliner (again optional, but I recommend to make it not so extreme.)
- Mascara!!!!

How To:

This look is stupidly simple, simply base the yellow (or any colour) across the lid, blended out a little towards the crease. Next is the chance for you to use black eyeshadow to line your lash line, because if you're like me theres always one eye that doesn't go quite right. Finally use your eyeliner to add any style you wish. I went for winged liner as I think it looks the best on me for this kind of look. 

*Remeber lots of mascara, else your eyes will look washed out!

And thats it. Its really that simple!

Beki x

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