Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Perfect Highlighter?

I touched upon this highlighter in my minimal face post, however I haven't spoken about this before, and that is the Urban Decay Illuminating  in Aura.

I've always struggled finding a highlighter that works on my skin, until now. This highlighter is my new go to product. It's a champagne shimmer with a hint of peach, and depending on how much of the product you use and if you blend out- it also doubles up as a blush.

The lasting power is great, and not to mention it gives a glow that is natural and perfect- not a 'oh my god I'm really sweaty' look.

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed with this product, and now interested to try the other colour...

Beki x

(I couldn't swatch the product because it doesn't show up well on my hand, and it didn't look great in the 'selfie' I attempted...)

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