Monday, 6 July 2015

The New Layout...

If you haven't already maybe worked out, I'm blogging everyday in July (hopefully). I mentioned earlier this year that I wanted to blog more across the year, and its starting properly now! Forgetting the month of June, where I literally posted nothing (however did write the majority of July, can't complain.) I am now ready to focus lots and lots of time on 'blondeandblank.'

I firstly purchased a new theme, I liked the generic free theme that came with my blog, however I didn't think it reflected me. Thats where Dana Fox ( comes in. She followed me on Twitter when I first started my blog, and fell in love with her designs, hoping one day I would buy a theme.

I did it. I purchased the Elle theme, but let me tell you my mind was changing almost daily up until I purchased the theme, as each theme is as beautiful as another. Elle was the first design I properly fell in love with,  and I stuck to my instincts and I am very happy with it.

Which leads me to saying I have created a Facebook page for my blog, there is a link at the top of the blog, but also here: so you can keep updated there, as well as twitter and instagram.

So there is the 'new layout' on my blog. As mentioned I will be blogging a variety of topics more and more often, including food, thoughts, skincare and of course- lets not forget singing!

Take care and see you soon!

Beki x


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