Sunday, 12 July 2015

How To: Deep Clean Make-Up Brushes

Todays post is a How To, on how I deep clean my make-up brushes.

I still use my MAC Brush cleaner, but mainly on brushes for a spot clean midweek or after an 'odd' colour eyeshadow (yellow and neutral don't tend to go together well!) Where as I do this every other week to keep them in prime condition.

I know what you're thinking, some people have probably never washed their brushes, and honestly it does, but doesn't matter. I am a germaphobe, therefore I like to make sure things like this are clean, especially when it also limits the chance I could get spots, which is always a plus.

For a deep clean, I use Johnson's baby shampoo, as its soft on the bristles and works well. You can use brush shampoos, I just find this works better.

I have a bowl of cold-ish water, he shampoo, and this massage glove from soap and glory which is designed for cellulite or exfoliating.

Simply place a blob of shampoo in the centre of the glove, grab your brush and give it a swirl in circular motions and rinse. You can repeat on the same brush if necessary, or just move onto the next brush and leave it to dry!

It really is as simply as that, I find in the summer washing your brushes outside and leaving the sun to dry them makes them dry even quicker!

Beki x


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