Friday, 3 July 2015

Body Shop X Virgin Mojito Range

For my birthday I was lucky enough to get some of the Virgin Mojito Range from the Body Shop, and I thought I would share my thoughts with you all...

I received three products, the shower gel, the body butter and the body sorbet- all of which I use for different reasons, and love for the exact same.

Lets start with the obvious thing about any bath/shower product, the smell. OH MY WORD. I am very much a fan of fruity scented products, but this is in its own league. When you think mojito, you do instantly think of Lime, Mint and Alcohol (or sadly not in this range, hence 'virgin'). I first saw the range advertised I my Mum and I went into The Body Shop a little sceptical of what we were about to smell/see, as we both aren't fans of 'the classic mojito.' 

Do Not Be Fooled.

The main base of the product is lime, and you can smell the mint undertones after application, (yet another reason why I love it.)

One thing that struck me is that the body butter seems to be a lot less powerful all together than the Sorbet and Shower gel (I can't speak for the other products as I don't have them!). This is my least used product out of the three, but thats simply because I don't tend to use body butters very often, as I barely have time to moisturise my face when I get out of the shower, let alone my whole body! 

As for the Sorbet once again I haven't used loads of this (compared to the shower gel), however after getting a rather hideous bout of sunburn (patchy is an understatement), I have been using this to soothe the burn across my arms and thighs. Because it is so cooling and refreshing I have found that the 'pain' I usually get from sunburn hasn't been half as bad!

Finally is the shower gel, which for me is a holy grail product anyway. Body Shop shower gels are my favourite, the Green Apple scent from Last Christmas (which I refuse to finish because it is just so good!), Satsuma- which anyone who knows me knows citrus is my favourite scent, the list goes on! Since my birthday I have used this every single shower/bath I have had. I'm about half way through my bottle which is pretty good for me, as usually I will use about three helpings a shower just so I can smell the product  You only need a tiny amount as a little goes along way. 

My only complaint with this range is that it is limited edition. Why is it most things I fall in love with are limited edition? Body Shop, if you are reading this, please make it permanent, I will buy it forever.

Beki x

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