Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Another Version of Me? // #blankthoughts

If I get this and a successful career, I will be the happiest girl alive.
Another Version of Me? // blank thoughts

Aspiration and Dreams are a lot of what I live for. I realise that makes me sound incredibly sad or lifeless, but I'm not...

You see, I would say I have always had ambition, and my poor friends who have to put up with me going on about crazy ideas my brain thought up in the night can defend this. (shoutout to Sophie...). 

Recently, I have found myself wanting to do more with my time, make the most of my 'days' as it were, and just put myself out there. Its almost like I have 'finished' school (until September), and thought, at last, I can finally be myself.

I'm all for being the best and only version of yourself, and copying someone can be utterly annoying at times, however finding that someone you aspire/look up to can sometimes be life changing. For me, I would say I have 'aspired' to easily 20 different celebrities/artists/business women in my 18 years. I just can't help it. If I see someone doing something I think I can do similarly, I'm going to want to make it happen.

However, I feel like if we didn't have the drive to be like someone we admire, then what would we be doing when we are done with our 'goals?'

Its time to be another 'version' of me, and prove some people wrong.

Beki x

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