Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Little Skincare Update...

My birthday, where my skin has never been clearer!!!

In due course, I will do a full update of my skin and how its been, but overall this year it has been very very good!

I started using Liz Earle products at the beginning of this year, and this made a huge difference, my spots/acne had disappeared, however I was still getting red bumps across my face which would eventually (talking a good three weeks) turn into a spot, and I had no clue why. It wasn't awful, but when the majority of your friends have pretty good skin, its always a downfall. Then one day, out of no-where, I read the back of my toner bottle, to see that it contained Lavender. My one allergy aside from Hayefever that often sends me red and blotchy- how did I not think? Liz Earle products are made up of natural products, so again it was incredibly obvious and stupid of me not to notice, I quickly checked the rest of the products I was using, and thankfully it was only the toner that contained Lavender. 

I ordered the Pixi Glow Tonic as a substitute for the Toner, what with all the good reviews on the internet plus the addition that it didn't contain lavender. Since using it I have noticed yet another major change to my skin. The red spots have gone, new spots that arise heal in a matter of days not weeks, and most of all my skin has a glow it has never had before!

More skin based posts will be coming in August!

Beki x

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