Monday, 20 July 2015

3 Books for Beauty Lovers...

Today I am talking books. I blooming love books, especially when they're beauty related and full of the wonderful world of 'women'.

I have three books here that I would strongly recommend to any girl over the age of 11- especially if they want to teach themselves the beauty etiquette we all learn through age.

Firstly there is Front Roe, by the beautiful Louise Roe. This book covers almost everything beauty, fashion and lifestyle you can ever imagine, in a way that won't make you think you've been doing it wrong your whole life and feel utterly useless for all of 10 seconds. Louise's knowledge on fashion through her blog is apparent in this book, and you can tell it really is a follow on from her blog. For me this book is targeted more towards ladies in their twenties onwards, as I feel that book is written generally for an adult/mature reader- but if  your interested in fashion,beauty and lifestyle then go for it!

Next up is The Craft by Lou Teasdale. I picked this book up when I went to London last year and when I opened and read this book it made me realise how much I wanted to do the same (I'll explain my book soon...). The book covers the beauty world for teen beginners, covering tanning, make-up and many more! One thing I particularly love about his book is that is embraces the 'abnormal'. Lou made it a clear theme throughout the book that anything can be normal for you, as long as you embrace it- whether you want to wear pink hair and blue lipstick, or a 'natural' face and wacky nails. I think this book is fantastic for anyone of any age, down to the way its been fantastically written.

Finally, we have THE beauty bible that all obsessives need, and that is Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes. This book is much more 'wordy' than the others, but practically covers everything. Following Sali's career as a make-up artist and beauty editor for The Guardian, she definitely knows her stuff! As the book suggests, its honest, and one thing I particularly love is that Sali has chosen to cover the topics that can sometimes be seen as controversial, yet has still written about them both diplomatically and with care. I believe this book is perfect for anyone 14/15+, it has the groundings and information which will help someone younger learn, and the hearty information for anyone who may know a bit about the industry already...

And thats all! I really really enjoyed reading all three of these books, and will often pick them up again to re-read!

Have you read these books?

Beki x


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