Wednesday, 8 July 2015

18 // #blankthoughts

18 // blank thoughts

I turned 18 one month ago, and it feels no different.

Officially, yes I am now an adult, and its useful being able to sign things off as an 18 year old or adult, but I still feel the exact same inside.

The thing that kept playing on my mind the most out of all of this was is how we are expected to 'change' overnight into an adult. It literally sent me crazy for the week leading up to my birthday.

Its wrong to say being 18 has changed me, I now feel I have more authority within people when they speak as its 'oh your not a child anymore we have to respect your opinion.', but apart from this- I feel the same.

Nevertheless, I loved my birthday, and it has definitely been the best thing about this year so far.

Beki x


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