Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Perseverance // #blankthoughts

Perseverance // blank thoughts

As mentioned in last weeks thoughts, I have challenged myself to do more work and be more determined to get the projects in my brain on to paper/keyboard/screen, because if I don't, I feel like I'm just wasting my time.

A workaholic. (shout out to Sophie again...) I am most definitely one. I make myself more challenged because I always want to do my best and often that involves challenges that realistically I probably can't do on my own, but that doesn't stop me trying.

When life is full of ups and downs, and highs and lows, dreams seem even less likely to happen, but in reality, its what makes the dreams come true.

Beki x

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Perfect Highlighter?

I touched upon this highlighter in my minimal face post, however I haven't spoken about this before, and that is the Urban Decay Illuminating  in Aura.

I've always struggled finding a highlighter that works on my skin, until now. This highlighter is my new go to product. It's a champagne shimmer with a hint of peach, and depending on how much of the product you use and if you blend out- it also doubles up as a blush.

The lasting power is great, and not to mention it gives a glow that is natural and perfect- not a 'oh my god I'm really sweaty' look.

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed with this product, and now interested to try the other colour...

Beki x

(I couldn't swatch the product because it doesn't show up well on my hand, and it didn't look great in the 'selfie' I attempted...)

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Another Version of Me? // #blankthoughts

If I get this and a successful career, I will be the happiest girl alive.
Another Version of Me? // blank thoughts

Aspiration and Dreams are a lot of what I live for. I realise that makes me sound incredibly sad or lifeless, but I'm not...

You see, I would say I have always had ambition, and my poor friends who have to put up with me going on about crazy ideas my brain thought up in the night can defend this. (shoutout to Sophie...). 

Recently, I have found myself wanting to do more with my time, make the most of my 'days' as it were, and just put myself out there. Its almost like I have 'finished' school (until September), and thought, at last, I can finally be myself.

I'm all for being the best and only version of yourself, and copying someone can be utterly annoying at times, however finding that someone you aspire/look up to can sometimes be life changing. For me, I would say I have 'aspired' to easily 20 different celebrities/artists/business women in my 18 years. I just can't help it. If I see someone doing something I think I can do similarly, I'm going to want to make it happen.

However, I feel like if we didn't have the drive to be like someone we admire, then what would we be doing when we are done with our 'goals?'

Its time to be another 'version' of me, and prove some people wrong.

Beki x

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The 'Minimal' Summer Face Look

This time last year, if you had told me I was willingly going out wearing foundation, eyebrows and a little highlighter I would have laughed in your face. This being down to the fact I hate not wearing mascara or anything on my lips, as it makes me look very 'dull'.

However, I've recently tried the look using the products above (and occasionally concealer when the odd Gertrude arrives) and a little powder midway through the day to not be so shiny, I have fallen in love. I think it makes me look 'younger' but in a good way- and its perfect for summer.

I also think this look works particularly well on me right now because I'm not worried about my eye make-up creasing or my red lip fading. My skin has also been relatively clear recently, which means I don't have to worry about spots pushing their way through throughout the day!


- MAC Studio Fix Fluid
- Urban Decay Illuminator in Aura
-MAC Eyeshadows Omega/Mystery/Copperplate for eyebrows (depending on roots!)

Beki x


Monday, 20 July 2015

3 Books for Beauty Lovers...

Today I am talking books. I blooming love books, especially when they're beauty related and full of the wonderful world of 'women'.

I have three books here that I would strongly recommend to any girl over the age of 11- especially if they want to teach themselves the beauty etiquette we all learn through age.

Firstly there is Front Roe, by the beautiful Louise Roe. This book covers almost everything beauty, fashion and lifestyle you can ever imagine, in a way that won't make you think you've been doing it wrong your whole life and feel utterly useless for all of 10 seconds. Louise's knowledge on fashion through her blog is apparent in this book, and you can tell it really is a follow on from her blog. For me this book is targeted more towards ladies in their twenties onwards, as I feel that book is written generally for an adult/mature reader- but if  your interested in fashion,beauty and lifestyle then go for it!

Next up is The Craft by Lou Teasdale. I picked this book up when I went to London last year and when I opened and read this book it made me realise how much I wanted to do the same (I'll explain my book soon...). The book covers the beauty world for teen beginners, covering tanning, make-up and many more! One thing I particularly love about his book is that is embraces the 'abnormal'. Lou made it a clear theme throughout the book that anything can be normal for you, as long as you embrace it- whether you want to wear pink hair and blue lipstick, or a 'natural' face and wacky nails. I think this book is fantastic for anyone of any age, down to the way its been fantastically written.

Finally, we have THE beauty bible that all obsessives need, and that is Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes. This book is much more 'wordy' than the others, but practically covers everything. Following Sali's career as a make-up artist and beauty editor for The Guardian, she definitely knows her stuff! As the book suggests, its honest, and one thing I particularly love is that Sali has chosen to cover the topics that can sometimes be seen as controversial, yet has still written about them both diplomatically and with care. I believe this book is perfect for anyone 14/15+, it has the groundings and information which will help someone younger learn, and the hearty information for anyone who may know a bit about the industry already...

And thats all! I really really enjoyed reading all three of these books, and will often pick them up again to re-read!

Have you read these books?

Beki x


Saturday, 18 July 2015

Currently Reading

I am currently reading 'The C Word' by Lisa Lynch, and have been for the past few months. See here is the crazy thing, its one of those books I want to put down, and yet pick up at the same time.

It follows Lisa's journey through cancer, and it is brilliant. She writes the book (and blogposts) from the heart and it shows. Its like that good old saying where 'you can't even begin to imagine' what she's going through, yet reading this tells you lots. And I mean lots.

Again, this is one of those posts where you just simply need to read the book, no questions asked. I may have not finished it, but I know its great and recommend it to anyone who needs to fill there brain with the honest society around them.

Beki x

Friday, 17 July 2015

A Documentary Any Musician Should Watch...

I've mentioned briefly before that I have had voice troubles this year, and it was almost relieving (yet utterly sympathetic) to see that Welsh Singer/Actress Connie Fisher was going through indescribable hell with her voice.

I'm not going to lie, I don't actively follow Connie, and jut presumed that she finished playing Maria and went on to different roles. Oh no. She recently filmed a documentary for the BBC where she tries one last push of vocal treatment to get her voice back.

I'm not going to write any more on the subject, as I really do believe that this documentary is something to watch, whether you are a singer/musician or not. Connie's story is powerful and she isn't the only singer to suffer this, and I really believe that documenting her journey might have been one of the best things she has ever done not only for herself, but for singers across the globe.

Beki x

Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Yellow (Or Any Other Colour) Eye Look...

awkward selfie.

Remember the blue eye look? Today we have another colour of the rainbow to master- and its yellow.

Daunting I know. I remember first seeing a similar look Rita Ora and Cara Delevigne wore a couple of years ago and thinking 'its a no from me...' - however in my years of growing more open to experiment, its a look I am loving.

Similarly to the blue look, the use of liner will make this look not so 'crazy', however its completely up to you how much or little eyeliner you use.

You need:

- Yellow Shadow (I went for Chrome Yellow from MAC)
- Black Shadow (optional for liner)
- Black eyeliner (again optional, but I recommend to make it not so extreme.)
- Mascara!!!!

How To:

This look is stupidly simple, simply base the yellow (or any colour) across the lid, blended out a little towards the crease. Next is the chance for you to use black eyeshadow to line your lash line, because if you're like me theres always one eye that doesn't go quite right. Finally use your eyeliner to add any style you wish. I went for winged liner as I think it looks the best on me for this kind of look. 

*Remeber lots of mascara, else your eyes will look washed out!

And thats it. Its really that simple!

Beki x

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Concept of Time // blank thoughts

Not the best quality, but hey 4 year old Beki...

Time...its a funny one isn't it?

We spend so many years of our life wanting it to fly by, and then we reach a certain period and think...woah? Was that really two years ago? 

It really baffles me how quickly a week has gone, let alone a year! It never feels like there are enough hours in the day to complete the many crazy (creative) thoughts that are happening-and then, then I feel like I am unproductive and at my most useless.

I've chosen to stay on an extra year at school to get a few more grades and a few more skills, and whilst in a years time I will know for definite that sixth form isn't my thing anymore, and perhaps a drama school or university will be, I want to question what will be? Like I said its only a year away, and time does fly when you're having fun...

Beki x

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A New Perfume to the collection...

I am incredibly picky but easily pleased when it comes to perfume, chances are if its floral or musk I like it- anything else is bye bye!

The other week I was shopping in Superdrug when I saw that this perfume was on offer for £5! £5?! I sampled it and fell in love.

Known to the perfume world as Kissable by Katie Price I was incredibly happy with this purchase. The underlying tones of white flowers combined with some amber really make this scent something you can wear all year round.

The longevity of the perfume is equally as good, but since I am a perfume obsessive I will countless my spray myself in the stuff throughout the day...

Have you tried this perfume? 

Beki x

Monday, 13 July 2015

Song of the Moment: They Just Keep Moving The Line

Taken from: Link

A different style post today, it being a song I can't stop listening to at the moment!

Its called 'They Just Keep Moving The Line' from a TV show, Smash.

I hadn't heard of the show before, but now I have heard this song- I'll be sure to watch it when I have time!

I stumbled across the song because I heard a recording of Eva Noblezada singing the song, and I instantly fell in love.

Who knows, maybe one day I will cover it...

Have you heard of or watched Smash? Let me know!

Beki x

Sunday, 12 July 2015

How To: Deep Clean Make-Up Brushes

Todays post is a How To, on how I deep clean my make-up brushes.

I still use my MAC Brush cleaner, but mainly on brushes for a spot clean midweek or after an 'odd' colour eyeshadow (yellow and neutral don't tend to go together well!) Where as I do this every other week to keep them in prime condition.

I know what you're thinking, some people have probably never washed their brushes, and honestly it does, but doesn't matter. I am a germaphobe, therefore I like to make sure things like this are clean, especially when it also limits the chance I could get spots, which is always a plus.

For a deep clean, I use Johnson's baby shampoo, as its soft on the bristles and works well. You can use brush shampoos, I just find this works better.

I have a bowl of cold-ish water, he shampoo, and this massage glove from soap and glory which is designed for cellulite or exfoliating.

Simply place a blob of shampoo in the centre of the glove, grab your brush and give it a swirl in circular motions and rinse. You can repeat on the same brush if necessary, or just move onto the next brush and leave it to dry!

It really is as simply as that, I find in the summer washing your brushes outside and leaving the sun to dry them makes them dry even quicker!

Beki x


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Estee Lauder ~ Kendall's Red

Kendall Jenner is my favourite Kardashian/Jenner -and if I am completely honest she is my 'girl goals'. 

She recently became the face of mega-make up brand Estee Lauder, and now within the brand, she has released her own lipstick- 'Restless'.

Restless is a hybrid of the shades Orange Crush & Poppy in a full matte formula. At first I was a little skeptical of the colour, as in some images I had seen online it looked fairly yellow toned, however I bit the bullet and ordered the colour. Fortunately, when it arrived and I tested it I could see that the yellow tones were incredibly subtle, and still didn't make my teeth look to 'yellow' (result!) I had the biggest grin on my face knowing that this might just become my new favourite lipstick. I had a little inkling that this shade would suit my fair skin particularly well due to owning similar colours in my collection, as well as Kendall can sometimes be on the 'fairer' side. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that this colour would suit anyone, due to its versatility. 

The lasting power on this product is incredible. I have wanted to try Estee Lauder lipsticks for years and have never gotten around to doing so, and now I want to try every formula  they make!

Anyone else tried this lipstick? Its my go to colour this summer!

Beki x

Friday, 10 July 2015

Whats in my Handbag Make-up Bag?

Today's post is a follow on from last years, 'Whats in My Handbag Make-up Bag?'.

To start with the make-up bag, I got for my birthday from my Mum. Its by Maggs London, and I have been spying Hannah's make-up bags on her and Stef's vlogs for ages, so was very happy when I opened it up from the gorgeous packaging.

The make-up bag it self is what I would call your average bag size. It fits plenty of stuff inside of it, and having used this for just make-up alone before it became my bag of essentials, it fit a weekends worth of different make-up looks with the majority of my brushes in. I went for the Truly Scrumptious print, my personal favourite on the website, especially with my rather sweet teeth.

Anyway inside this bag contains what I consider essentials. Firstly hygiene, toothbrush, toothpaste and mints. I have braces which means sometimes I need to brush my teeth on the go and can't go for a quick fix of chewing gum. Next up is deodorant and perfume- need I say anymore? Likewise with the hand gel and hand cream, you never know when you will need it.

The other half of my kit is all make up. Blotting powder, concealer and cotton buds- to cover up spots, oiliness and mascara down the face- I cry a lot you know. And three lip options, a pink balm from boots, Barry M Toffee gloss (favourite nude) and a red option just incase...

What do you keep in your handbag make-up bag?

Beki x


Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Little Skincare Update...

My birthday, where my skin has never been clearer!!!

In due course, I will do a full update of my skin and how its been, but overall this year it has been very very good!

I started using Liz Earle products at the beginning of this year, and this made a huge difference, my spots/acne had disappeared, however I was still getting red bumps across my face which would eventually (talking a good three weeks) turn into a spot, and I had no clue why. It wasn't awful, but when the majority of your friends have pretty good skin, its always a downfall. Then one day, out of no-where, I read the back of my toner bottle, to see that it contained Lavender. My one allergy aside from Hayefever that often sends me red and blotchy- how did I not think? Liz Earle products are made up of natural products, so again it was incredibly obvious and stupid of me not to notice, I quickly checked the rest of the products I was using, and thankfully it was only the toner that contained Lavender. 

I ordered the Pixi Glow Tonic as a substitute for the Toner, what with all the good reviews on the internet plus the addition that it didn't contain lavender. Since using it I have noticed yet another major change to my skin. The red spots have gone, new spots that arise heal in a matter of days not weeks, and most of all my skin has a glow it has never had before!

More skin based posts will be coming in August!

Beki x

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

18 // #blankthoughts

18 // blank thoughts

I turned 18 one month ago, and it feels no different.

Officially, yes I am now an adult, and its useful being able to sign things off as an 18 year old or adult, but I still feel the exact same inside.

The thing that kept playing on my mind the most out of all of this was is how we are expected to 'change' overnight into an adult. It literally sent me crazy for the week leading up to my birthday.

Its wrong to say being 18 has changed me, I now feel I have more authority within people when they speak as its 'oh your not a child anymore we have to respect your opinion.', but apart from this- I feel the same.

Nevertheless, I loved my birthday, and it has definitely been the best thing about this year so far.

Beki x


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Hated // Loved 2

Today's post is a 'sequel' to a post I have written before.

A few months ago I wrote a post entitled, 'Hated // Loved' when I was going through an odd writing patch. What seemed like an average post to me has become one of my most popular, and today I have another.

Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo- On and On Bronze

I have a love hate relationship with this product. There are days where it looks great on my eyes and days where it doesn't. I think this is because I went for a colour I wasn't 100% and preferred a different one that was out of stock. The lasting power on this product is fantastic, and I love using it as a base/primer rather than my Painterly Paint Pot from Mac. For me, the trick is to blend the colour out, however I have little eyelids, meaning I need the tiniest amount of product in order to have a nice subtle eye look. 

MAC Maleficent Lipgloss in Anthurium (Limited Edition)

I've mentioned before how this lipgloss had limited lasting power, yet I haven't stopped myself from trying ways to improve the wear of it. More often that not I was trying the combo paired with MAC Lady Danger, and it wasn't making the cut. However, after recently trying to work the gloss with Ruby Woo, it works! I love Ruby Woo but finds it dries on the centre of my lips just a bit too much, so this combination is great! (Obviously this lipgloss was limited edition, however MAC and other brands do similar.)

Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara

I started to use this product for all but one reason, my original Masterpiece Mascara ran out and rushing around in Boots I picked up the wrong one, having never been a waterproof mascara fan in the past. Not wanting to waste my money I decided to use it until it ran out, and now I have repurchased the mascara twice, I love it. I have naturally curly and thick eyelashes, meaning that I need a mascara to hold my curl. Oh my goodness. This mascara keeps my eyes looking like I've just put mascara on all day. (And lets also mention to all hay fever sufferers, it doesn't even budge when the eyes are streaming!)

Mac Harmony Bronzer

Apart from my limited edition Toledo blush, this was the first colour from MAC I decided to go for, and I'm not too sure why. There are days where I love wearing this as a little bit of bronzer/blush combined, there are days where I hate it. Right now I am loving it as I need a bit more colour on my cheeks!

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Set

If I am honest, I still don't 100% love these brushes, and I think it is because I simply don't use products that generally get used on these brushes. The eye brush comes in useful when I am highlighting the inner corner, but as for the other two, I found they did nothing. I did recently purchase the Urban Decay Illuminator/Highlighter in Aura, and I have found that the cheek brush works well for that in small doses, however I think I would stick to the general range of brushes in the future.

So thats all the products I have been loving/hating recently, what are yours?

Beki x


Monday, 6 July 2015

The New Layout...

If you haven't already maybe worked out, I'm blogging everyday in July (hopefully). I mentioned earlier this year that I wanted to blog more across the year, and its starting properly now! Forgetting the month of June, where I literally posted nothing (however did write the majority of July, can't complain.) I am now ready to focus lots and lots of time on 'blondeandblank.'

I firstly purchased a new theme, I liked the generic free theme that came with my blog, however I didn't think it reflected me. Thats where Dana Fox ( comes in. She followed me on Twitter when I first started my blog, and fell in love with her designs, hoping one day I would buy a theme.

I did it. I purchased the Elle theme, but let me tell you my mind was changing almost daily up until I purchased the theme, as each theme is as beautiful as another. Elle was the first design I properly fell in love with,  and I stuck to my instincts and I am very happy with it.

Which leads me to saying I have created a Facebook page for my blog, there is a link at the top of the blog, but also here: so you can keep updated there, as well as twitter and instagram.

So there is the 'new layout' on my blog. As mentioned I will be blogging a variety of topics more and more often, including food, thoughts, skincare and of course- lets not forget singing!

Take care and see you soon!

Beki x


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Top 5 Lush Products

Top L-R Dragons Egg, Fizzbanger, Dorothy.
Bottom L-R Brightside, Avobath.

This blogpost is one I have wanted to write since starting my blog, and I have never done it because I never had all my favourite bombs/bars at once!

I'm not too much of a fan of Lush Shower gels except for Snow Fairy at Christmas, so minus that, these are my Top 5 Lush Bath Products.

Dragons Egg

Dragons Egg is a white bath bomb filled with different pastel-esque colours that once fizzed, ends up a wee looking golden colour. (selling it well aren't I!) The only way I can describe the smell of this bath bombs refresher sweets. Its very refreshing and a fun bomb to use in the bath, and I would recommend this to first time lush buyers!


Fizzbanger is a bright yellow quirky bath bomb that has a reoccurring theme of apple. Not an obvious apple scent, more like a candy apple that when fizzed goes to the shape of an apple core. Did I mention it also goes bright blue? I would recommend this bath bomb to children because of the 'fun' it provides, especially with the hidden paper message once fizzed!


Dorothy is one of the two bubble bars I'm featuring in this post. Bubble bars are probably my favourite product from lush as you can get multiple uses for your money. Dorothy may only be a small bubble bar, but rationed you can easily get two baths out of it. Its not my favourite scent of the bunch, however my inner 'The Wizard of Oz' fangirl loves the fact this is a rainbow, and then goes green to represent the emerald city. Its the little things I swear.


Brightside is my favourite Lush product of all time. Its a relatively large bubble bar that can give you up to 4/5 uses if rationed correctly. And as the colours would suggest, it smells of oranges. Oranges that have just been peeled and smell so fresh and wonderful. I can't sing this product its praises enough, if you like orange, get it. It's simple.


Last but not least, is the first ever Lush product I tried that I will always love. I'm not the biggest fan of Avocados, yet this bath bomb is equally as refreshing as Dragons Egg, and leaves your bath a lovely green colour. Whats not to love?

Tell me your favourite Lush products...

Beki xx


Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Quote Wall

I've had this little (ironic as its the biggest) hanging plaque by my bed ever since I moved into this room 2/3 years ago. I put it there when I decided I really didn't need a calendar on my wall, especially when most celebrity calendars you see hanging up in kids and teenagers rooms don't have any space to write anything in (like what is the point- honestly!?!?)

Then for my birthday a wonderful family friend got me two new plaques to place somewhere in my room, because she saw them and she knew I liked 'cute things like this', so I thought I would enlighten you.

So as I mentioned, the biggest plaque, which says 'Follow Your Heart' is just one of those nice things that everyone likes to believe in and think about, and hopes that one day they do. Pretty self explanatory. 

I am very much a dreamer. If daydreaming could be a profession I would be the Alan Sugar of the dreaming world. Its something I really do do a lot, and I put a lot of that down to obsessing over disney films and the happy endings as a child.

My next quote, which says 'Dream Until Your Dreams Come True', which again, is very self explanatory and like 'Follow Your Heart'. Its one of those quotes you look at when you need a little pick me up.

My final quote, and personal favourite 'When it Rains look for Rainbows, When its Dark look for Stars.' A lot of personal and general 'difficult' situations have happened over the past couple of years, and to me, this tells you to always see the best in the situation, something I have had to do lots of!

What are your favourite quotes? I'll be sure to update you if I get any more!

Beki x


Friday, 3 July 2015

Body Shop X Virgin Mojito Range

For my birthday I was lucky enough to get some of the Virgin Mojito Range from the Body Shop, and I thought I would share my thoughts with you all...

I received three products, the shower gel, the body butter and the body sorbet- all of which I use for different reasons, and love for the exact same.

Lets start with the obvious thing about any bath/shower product, the smell. OH MY WORD. I am very much a fan of fruity scented products, but this is in its own league. When you think mojito, you do instantly think of Lime, Mint and Alcohol (or sadly not in this range, hence 'virgin'). I first saw the range advertised I my Mum and I went into The Body Shop a little sceptical of what we were about to smell/see, as we both aren't fans of 'the classic mojito.' 

Do Not Be Fooled.

The main base of the product is lime, and you can smell the mint undertones after application, (yet another reason why I love it.)

One thing that struck me is that the body butter seems to be a lot less powerful all together than the Sorbet and Shower gel (I can't speak for the other products as I don't have them!). This is my least used product out of the three, but thats simply because I don't tend to use body butters very often, as I barely have time to moisturise my face when I get out of the shower, let alone my whole body! 

As for the Sorbet once again I haven't used loads of this (compared to the shower gel), however after getting a rather hideous bout of sunburn (patchy is an understatement), I have been using this to soothe the burn across my arms and thighs. Because it is so cooling and refreshing I have found that the 'pain' I usually get from sunburn hasn't been half as bad!

Finally is the shower gel, which for me is a holy grail product anyway. Body Shop shower gels are my favourite, the Green Apple scent from Last Christmas (which I refuse to finish because it is just so good!), Satsuma- which anyone who knows me knows citrus is my favourite scent, the list goes on! Since my birthday I have used this every single shower/bath I have had. I'm about half way through my bottle which is pretty good for me, as usually I will use about three helpings a shower just so I can smell the product  You only need a tiny amount as a little goes along way. 

My only complaint with this range is that it is limited edition. Why is it most things I fall in love with are limited edition? Body Shop, if you are reading this, please make it permanent, I will buy it forever.

Beki x

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Book Review: Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher

Hello all!

Today's post is a book review by the wonderful Giovanna Fletcher. I've previously read Giovanna's books, and when I knew that Dream a Little Dream was approaching publication, I knew I had to free up a day to just sit and read, as its the only way I ever finish a book.

Last Saturday was the day. I dedicated the whole afternoon and loved it. It was the escape by brain needed to relax- anyway enough on me, now onto the book. (*this does contain spoilers*)

Sarah, the lead character has worked the same job and lived the same life for years, and its safe to say she's pretty bored of it- especially when the ex-boyfriend and his fiancĂ© are still within your friendship group. awkward. 

Yet one morning, a dream featuring someone she used to know from university (aka Dream Brett) sent her thoughts wondering, and over time lead to her dreams being so much more exciting (and sometimes somewhat interesting- four words, 'Bruno-Tonioli-black-speedos.') However what happens when 'Dream Brett' appears in real life ('Real Brett') working in the office block. Friendships and fun continues as Sarah's dream (but real, oh this is confusing) work happens with 'Granny takes a Gap'.

Giovanna covers both hilariously awkward and sensitive subjects wonderfully within the book, including miscarriage, affairs, engagement, loneliness and a rather unpleasant Christmas party. (Can I also mention that I love the fact Billy Buskin is mentioned!!!)

To conclude, this heartbreakingly wonderful novel is one of Giovanna's finest, and I cannot wait for the next one.

Beki x

Buy Dream a Little Dream: 


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Creative Thinker // blank thoughts

Its Monday the 29th of June and tonight was a night where I did a ‘naughty’, and by this I mean, I stayed up late working.

Usually, I need to be asleep at a certain time in order to function correctly the next day, meaning my evenings can sometimes be over by half past nine if I am exceptionally tired.

However, on a rare occasion that isn't half term, I can make myself stay awake until two, three o’clock in the morning and produce my best work. The majority of the time this is school coursework that I have completely abandoned and only ended up stressing myself about.

If I am on a ‘roll’, there is no stopping me, and I will want to get whatever I have set out accomplished and finished near enough straight away, regardless of however many hurdles may obstruct that route.

But you see, this time was different. I have written the most I have ever written in a night tonight, and I think its because everything seems to be coming together better now, and nothing is going to stop me.

It wasn't until earlier this year I realised how much of a 'creative' person I was, and that maybe I should have embraced my creativity a few years ago, rather than bottling it up and hoping I remember all my crazy thoughts for years to come.

I choost you see, this time was different. I have written the most I have ever written in a night tonight, and I think its because everything seems to be coming together better now, and nothing is going to stop me.

Beki x
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