Saturday, 23 May 2015

Writers Block...Part 2

I have a spare five minutes in my crazy busy weeks and I suddenly realised another reason why I haven't been posting as much- its not all work.

Writers block. It goes without saying that every creative person experiences it, and here I am again, experiencing it. When it comes to the book idea I am writing (shameless self promotion there), I am sorted, so many ideas in my head, I just need the time and effort to do so- yet with my blog, the one thing that inspired me to write the most, is currently letting me down.

I know its just another blank phase, but hopefully everything will be back to normal soon...

stay curious.

Beki x




Friday, 15 May 2015

Apologies & Catch-Ups (yet again...)

Just a little post to apologise and say that if you haven't already gathered, blog posts will be a little limited and lack-lustre throughout May! It is the busiest month of the year in A Level/BTEC land, and I am well and truly stressing out!

I am currently trying my hardest to get the majority of my written work written ahead of its due in date, which is hard when you are also behind on other units!

Blogposts will be more routined by the middle on June, and I am currently in the process of looking into a (proper) re-design of this blog! 

Anyway, thats in the future, and if we make five posts this month- its five more than now!

I will leave you with this quote/image at the beginning of this post, which left me thinking about lots recently,

Beki x

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