Monday, 6 April 2015

Channelling my inner Monica...

Anyone who knows me would probably say that I am stupidly organised. Yes, I can be incredibly untidy at times, but I always know what is happening with my life, whether this be to do with school work or a doctors appointment, everything has to be organised.

Any excuse to colour code something, or organise a friends school folder and add page numbers is honestly my idea of heaven! I struggle with diaries, simply because anything I may have planned could change for any given reason at any moment, plus I haven't found a 'diary/filing' I love yet- but I sure when I do I will be in love with the diary!

Sure, I can accept things not necessarily going to plan, but if I don't know what is happening the day ahead, I go into panic mode...(or laziness, simply because in my head I have 'nothing' to do, even though I have lots!)

Now, this blog was originally intended for Beauty (and singing), and this post does have some beauty relevance! A while ago I posted a blog all about the pictures I had uploaded to Instagram in that week, one of which being a picture of my notebook, on a specific page where I had planned what exact Muji storage I was going to buy for my make-up and what items were going to specifically go into each drawers.

Well today (3rd April), I took the next step, I did a diagram and coded how I was going to finish my MAC Palettes(eventually I might add), as well as putting all of my make-up into sandwich bags ready for the day I can afford Muji storage to organise it all!

At the beginning of the year, I made the pact to organise my life a bit more, and not end up as stressed as I was at the end of 2014, and whilst the stress bit might not have completely worked out for me, everything seems to be coming together, and I hope I am doing Monica proud!

Beki xx

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