Saturday, 21 March 2015

Why I haven't uploaded to YouTube for a while...

Incredibly avid readers of this blog may remember me actually posting singing covers, well there is a reason why I haven't posted one in a while.
Cut to this time last year, around the same time I originally started posting covers, I didn't have the strongest of voices, go past my break and it was very wispy, and if you continue to look through my covers you can hear a difference in my voice as they went on. Long of the short of it, I think I had a problem, I don't know what, but it wasn't right. It majorly affected my confidence and I knew I had to change.
Musical Theatre is something I am desperate to do for my future, and by September I knew that if I carried on letting my non-existent voice affect my confidence and sing like this, it wouldn't happen. So one singing lesson, I thought, what would happen if I jokingly mimicked the sound I used to make, and a noise came out!   Since then I have been training my voice to work how it used too, it definitely isn't perfect or what I want it to be, but its so much stronger than what it used to be- I love it!
So expect to see more covers being uploaded, now my voice is back I am determined to not let it go!
Let me know if there any specific songs you would like to see me cover!
Beki x

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