Monday, 30 March 2015

March Favourites

Its March favourites time! And this month I've been so busy I have tended to use the same selected products continuously, and there are only a few items mentioned- but that isn't a bad thing!
MAC Studio Fix Fluid
This product is my holy grail foundation. There are many make-up artists out there that would argue that this foundation isn't all its cracked up to be, but for my pale skin, temperamental acne and oily patches, this foundation works. Teamed with a good powder and concealer, I rarely find myself topping my make-up as the day goes on. Its pricey for foundation, but for MAC, I think its pretty reasonable at £21.50.
Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush
There hasn't been a day in March where if I have worn foundation I haven't used this brush. Out of nowhere recently I found a new technique to applying foundation and this brush was the one I went to and haven't put down! Its fantastic quality and is an easy brush to use, the only downside being Zoeva brushes take forever to dry! As Zoeva is a foreign brand in the UK it can get pricey importing the brushes in, however I found a website stocking the brush for £13, which is a similar price (and quality) to Real Techniques brushes if you think about it!
Urban Decay Mrs Mia Wallace Lip Liner
I first got this lip liner along with a few other items in the collection when it first came out, including the lipstick. Now if I pair this lip liner with the lipstick (like you would think), the pair don't seem to work together on me, however the lipstick on its own if fine! I recently got Ruby Woo as a Back2Mac, and I have discovered that the lip liner with Ruby Woo is a brilliant combination leaving me to not even look or worry about my lips throughout the day.
Lush Dragons Egg Bath Bomb
 I never used to like this bath bomb, then just before Christmas I went incredibly mad in Lush and bought lots, I mean lots. This was one of the many I picked up, and I haven't stopped re-purchasing it. I love citrus smells anyway, and this is overtaking favourites Avobath and Fizz banger!
Sex and The City
I am one of the many girls who wish they were Carrie Bradshaw, I adore her! I have religiously watched all the episodes and films over and over, and I am about to start the books, and I can't wait!
Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Its no secret that I love the Kardashians, its the type of programme for me that I can watch any episode at any point and not lose what's going on. As a particular fan of Khloe and Kendall, the newer series' of the programme has more of a focus on these two- I can't wait for Season 10! 

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